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Posted in Child Care on 4th November 2010

question by Lovin ‘Berries : ^ ^ what a good name for a children’s day care center ?
We start a day care center at home. Nutritious food, physical activity, individual attention, love, education, creativity and are all very important for uns.Ich was thinking of these names, hoping you can recommend something related …- Little Sprouts Child Care -> it’s cute but it is called in order, children sprouts? plus sounds, the “s” at the end of the “rungs” weird with “Child Care”. Say it loud and you will sehen.-Little Sunshine Childcare -> I love it a lot, but again the “s” at the end of the sunshine not logged mixture. What do u think – FitKids day care center -> I do not think that it seems it is mostly a fitness program … but it sounds nice-Crafty Critters Child Care -> very original (someone recommended it) is not, but trade all that we are about … Loles is hard, because I have the name, to put it all, but at the same time short do! ? LolJede own ideas Best Answer:

reply istpunk
from the list I like Crafty Critters

know better? Leave your answer in the comments!

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