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Posted in Working Mothers on 2nd November 2010

question of sami_sam : What is a “common law” marriage in California ?
I have ruled against this chick, she has nothing to her name is hardly what it says to make ends meet, cannot work for the next 5 years because she is in school, and is a “single mother” In fact it is celebrating all the time (shows all pictures on their public myspace) has a real estate license (but currently isn’t a broker) bought just a new car, the SSI receives from her 17-year-old brother that she has custody taken away from her mother and lives from their friends Gehalt.Sowieso decent .. she is so pretty Judgement-proof, because nothing but their car loan is to show in their name and cannot income other financial aid for school. its obvious her boyfriend is paying for everything, and while a large rock on her finger, she says we cannot collect from their. they have been living together for at least 3 years, and he pays for everything for them, even their car loans. he makes a decent wage there is a possibility that we may collect from him? be it as “home”? Uhh Steve has nothing to do with this rental. I do not even know where she lives …. they cheated my friend from like 5 large, this is what the sentence itself. our community has free legal advice, but the lawyer said I was a complete idiot, so I stopped to talk to him. I’m pretty sure he paid all its debts to her, but because of this reason, all their stuff next to their car in his name … their rent, TV stuff, bills …. they currently have no joint accounts, because then we would get something from his money. they keep it separate because we do want to get his money, she said so himself Best Answer.

reply from Steve
Yes, if they want to not pay rent and I would have immediately evacuated. If she wants to live free I would send a package to protect (apartment). I would say to her, they feed you too.

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