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what is a child support decree?
I need a child support decree for a affordable housing apartment, is that the same as the court papers I got stating amount and such, the papers I have say “setting child support”, are they the same?

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Answer by Kat M
it’s the papers that tell you how much you are to receive that have been filed in the court house. your judge should have signed them.

Answer by Thomas T
That’s right. The child support decree is what you received from the Court that sets out the names of the obligor and the obligee, then name(s) of the child(ren), the amount of support, and other related issues.

Answer by Demogirl
The Nature of the Child Support Order

There are several parts to most child support orders in almost all jurisdictions. Child support orders are issued by courts when the parents cannot agree on a fair child support payment and then incorporate that agreement into a marital separation agreement. First and foremost, the paying parent will almost always be ordered to make a monthly money payment to the custodial parent. The order will typically read, in part, as follows:

Father (name) is ordered to pay directly to mother (name) as and for child support of Tom and Mary, the sum of $ 300 per month per child for a total of $ 600, payable one-half on the first and one half on the fifteenth day of each month, said payments to continue until each such child shall die, reach majority, become emancipated or until further order of court.

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