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Posted in Working Mothers on 6th May 2011

What Happens When CPS Takes You Away?
I’m leaving my mother. She’s controlling, abusive, she takes her anger out on me, and she just called me a liar, even though I was telling the truth and had EVIDENCE. I hope and pray that one day she calls the “jail people” to take me away. She’s mad because living with my family has had an effect on my schoolwork. And on top of that, my health teacher doesn’t grade fairly. If she knew what she put me through each day, if she knew the nightmares I have at night because of her…she’s just sickening!!!

Besides, who can concentrate on their work while their so-called “mother” blasts loud, obnoxious music and loudly sings along with it while she cracks her bubble gum?!? And she’ll distract me from my work by yelling and complaining about everything and by telling me to clean up and stuff. It’s like I’m a 40 year old being raised by a self-centered teenager. Who can function when they feel like they’re going to have a mental breakdown? I’ve even stopped talking, but she makes me talk.

In two months I have a doctor’s appointment. There’s my old counselor there. I’ll get her attention and tell her the truth about my life. The first time I was there, I lied because Mom was in the room WITH US. And I have teachers who I can write too. Do you think that they’ll call CPS and help me out? What’s it like in a “foster home”?

Positive answers only, please. I just can’t stand living here.
I talk to her about it all the time. She yells at me. She always thinks she’s right, even when she’s horribly wrong!

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Answer by Red-browncoat
Well that does sound bad….have you tried talking with your mum about how you feel? And if your sure its want you want and not just a teen thing then i would say get help.Your home life affects all aspects of for live if you cant feel safe there then where.Get help sort your school life out failing that stand up for yourself and dont let her our anyone push you around.Hope this helps

Answer by Sunshine
You can call CPS yourself and they will come out and interview both you and your mother to make a determination as to whether or not you are in imminent danger of being harmed or have been harmed. You may get lucky and get a really good foster family or you may not. Some of those people are there for the money and some truly do want to help children. It’s a big decision to make and I don’t envy your thinking this is the only way out.

Answer by nas88car300 Carl E wins !!!!!!
usually thye will try to place you with a relative unless you can convince them to let you live with a friend or family friend

Answer by Pearl L
talk to one of your counselors at school about it, ive never been in foster care but i shouldve been. its gotta be better than what youre dealing with right now. just call cps

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