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Posted in Working Mothers on 16th May 2011

What Happens When CPS Takes You Away?
I’m leaving my mother. She’s controlling, abusive, she takes her anger out on me, and she just called me a liar, even though I was telling the truth and had EVIDENCE. I hope and pray that one day she calls the “jail people” to take me away. She’s mad because living with my family has had an effect on my schoolwork. And on top of that, my health teacher doesn’t grade fairly. If she knew what she put me through each day, if she knew the nightmares I have at night because of her…she’s just sickening!!!

Besides, who can concentrate on their work while their so-called “mother” blasts loud, obnoxious music and loudly sings along with it while she cracks her bubble gum?!? And she’ll distract me from my work by yelling and complaining about everything and by telling me to clean up and stuff. It’s like I’m a 40 year old being raised by a self-centered teenager. Who can function when they feel like they’re going to have a mental breakdown? I’ve even stopped talking, but she makes me talk.

In two months I have a doctor’s appointment. There’s my old counselor there. I’ll get her attention and tell her the truth about my life. The first time I was there, I lied because Mom was in the room WITH US. And I have teachers who I can write too. Do you think that they’ll call CPS and help me out? What’s it like in a “foster home”?

Positive answers only, please. I just can’t stand living here.

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Answer by Nora
You call and ask for help foster homes range from excellent to terrible it is pot luck

Answer by **Simply me**
call kids help phone or your local child services and they can help

Answer by beenthere
Why wait two months for the doctor’s appointment? Write to the old counselor. Get the address off the internet or out of the phone book. Wrap your letter in a piece of printer paper and put “confidential” on the outside. Tape or staple it. Address it to her. This way someone not meant to read it won’t. Have you tried calling her?

Teachers and principals can be approached also. They are suppose to contact CPS if they are told about child abuse or neglect.

Is there another family member- your father, grandparent, aunt or uncle, older sibling, younger cousin- who will take you in? CPS is going to ask you the same question. What about a family friend?

A foster family can vary. It depends upon the people and how many kids they have. It also depends upon whether or not they take in kids with special needs. There will be rules that you need to follow.
A book that describes the experience is The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson. Your school library should have it.

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