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Posted in Toddlers on 31st October 2010

question by Ashley : What fun things can you do with a “child” Hare
Priscilla is my rabbit getting bored out of my head. and this is Korea, so that means i dont have a backyard, i in an apartment complex with some short grass, small playground and open country living around me, and there are no fences, and if I let my rabbit loose the Koreans they will grab and make Toeki-Gögi, in other words, they’ll eat it. and around my house is all rice patty and it is waaay under our residential area, so if it falls off the sidewalk shell all the way falling down in the rice patty, where there is currently nothing but ice right now, is because it is freezing cold . Is there still can do something Priscilla? Umm, yes, SEB, Lemme answer to your question online. NO. Shall I tell you in real life? NO. Should I text? NO. GET it through your thick skull Best Answer.

reply maryssa_altador13
Well, I had a rabbit of my own named Lance. I lived in an apartment and it was hard to cast him. I used to put a wide plank in between two chairs so that he could run around and keep the balance on the board. Sometimes I let him in the TV watch with me, sometimes I build a small wall of boxes, walk around and stretch Lance in. I have this rattan ball bought at Ikea, and Lance really enjoyed kicking it around. I would also run it in my kitchen while I cut carrots, I would be one or two to throw around him. I barricaded the kitchen with some empty bottles 7L. Think about cutting out carrot shapes in various forms from time to time, my rabbit really enjoyed. Some lettuce and spinach would not hurt. In any case, hope you help with my little tips … See ya!

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