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which I use filing status?
My husband and I have been separated for 1 year. I have both of our children. A tax accountant said I can file HoH and get EIC. That really scares me. What happens if I submit in this way and the IRS wants proof. I have no proof that we are separated. We have nothing to the courts. All bills and the mortgage is still in both our names. We do not have a savings / checking more together. He pays the morgage at the point of child support. We were last tax season separately, but because they have not been six months, we had to submit together. And it looks as if we might get back together now. If I HoH this year and next year MFJ-file, this will increase red flags? I could really all the refund that the accountant says I can get. I know it would be easier just to MFJ-file this year, but like I said, if I can get that extra money, it would really help. Each beraten.Ich think I have not the right word. The child support he pays me is the amount of mortgage I have to pay. That was the agreement between us. It’s not like he gets the bill in the mail. I get it and pay it with my own personal Scheck.Judy, I was hoping you would answer my question. I read all the questions under “Taxes” and come by reading your answers I am to trust you the most. I can only assume that you are. Some kind of accountant . Thanks Best answer (s):

reply by Shauna
Go ahead and file head of household. If the IRS comes back just to make sure that he prove where he lives, and you have the proof that the children spent most of the year with you on you. I know together people who are still, however, submit separately because they get more money back.

Reply bigdraws
you can not file HOH fear that they will do not control your life, they can not prove that he did not need in the house proof from the court was. get you EIC deserves. Ha ha ha! You can not see that man again honey married men run away all the time. I’m sure he is paying bills in his name somewhere else and when he is not with someone else check it live you maintain it.

requires Reply ninasgramma The
head of household status, that your spouse has no time spent at home in the last six months of 2006, and that you, with you own money, more than half the cost of maintaining the home bezahlt.Da has paid the mortgage your spouse, I have some doubt that you will be able to determine that your expenses for utilities, repairs and maintenance, and food eat at home more than the mortgage arrears Zahlungen.Im had to get maintenance payments instead of paying his mortgage, you may qualify for Head of Household status haben.Hinzugefügt later: My answer took note of the statement, “He pays the mortgage instead of child support . ” My answer does not change, even if the mortgage you money and you pay by check. He pays you for the mortgage, so he paid household support services, possibly more than half. If you can establish for several of household expenditure than your spouse has paid, you can claim HoH.

Reply by Judy
If you do not live at all times (even one night) during the last 6 months of 2006, and your children to live with you and you are paying more than half the cost of maintaining the home, it is legal for you as a head of household in a file – stop worrying. The tax consultant is not that you are doing something shady. The other option is to file a joint return with him if you want to do both that is – since you are still married, you are erlaubt.Ich’m not so sure nina gram is directly over its spend the money for the mortgage payment. The money instead of child support is not income to you. She’s right, it would be clearer if it were specific for child support, but this way it is gray and you would have a really good chance of winning if you have been advised in an audit situation. If he pays the mortgage directly, then you would have a hard time proving that you paid half the cost though.Wenn together again next year and file a joint return, there will be no red flags are raised about them. Happens all Zeit.Viel luck.

reply by Raymond Y
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