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Posted in Child Support on 28th December 2010

What exactly is “back child support”?
I have a 3 1/2 year old son whose father hasn’t been an active part of his life since he was 9 months old. He has not paid a dime or bought him anything since that time either. He seems him one time every few months “when he has time”. Just curious if when we went to court if he would owe me any money for the past 3 years. We live in Maryland if that makes any difference. We have had a court case since my son was a year old and we still have yet to go to court.
like i said we have a case. There is just no court order yet and we have not yet had a court date set. Does this make a difference?
the court already ordered a DNA test that we have already had done and he is 99.97% my sons father. I know who the father is. Although he actually asked where the 7 came from.

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Answer by Kristen V
No he wouldn’t owe you for the last three years. In order for anyone to owe you child support it has to be set in a court or by Division of Child Support Enforcement. Once a motion is filed by you, that’s the date he would start owing support (unless he orders a paternity test and it comes back as not his- that’s the only way he could get out of it).
If it hasn’t been heard, it’s not an order. I suggest you refile if you want any type of support.
Back support is like when a man/woman is ordered to pay child support and it doesn’t get paid, they get behind, thus owing “back support” and they can suspend your license to drive if it gets too out of hand.

Answer by magick
Sounds like you need a lawyer and back to court a.s.a.p. Yes , he owes all back child support . ALL !!! In your case 3 1/2 years .

Answer by Kathi S
Child support only goes back to the date the court ordered it to start. You should have filed for it when the child was born or at least when you saw the father was a looser.

Answer by Bex
I never got a lawyer and I filed with the division of child support awhile after I had my son. They sent both me & the father paperwork to fill out and once returned they determined the amount of support I would get based on incomes. Anyways no court room, no lawyers, and I automatically got back support ordered. You don’t get it all at once but they will take a little extra each check until he is caught up. Good luck to you.

Answer by Ranger4402
You need to hire an attorney. Hire one. This is not a complicated case. Either than man is your son’s father or he is not. If he is your son’s father then he owes money.

Answer by George McCasland
Back or retroactive child support can be ordered for up to 18 years prior to the filing of the order. In most states the limit is five years, while a few don’t allow any, and others allow more. In Ohio, the mother can file any time before the child turns age 23, for 18 years retroactive or back support, on a man who never knew he had a child.

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