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Posted in Child Care on 19th January 2011

What does facility fee for covered newborn care while mother is hospitalized mean?
My husband’s employer will not add our daughter because somehow they did not receive the paperwork the first time we sent it, which was within the 30 day time frame after she was born. I even called before I sent it in, which had proof of. When I realized they didn’t receive it I re-submitted it a second time and they did receive that but of course denied us because that was after the 30 days.. I appealed twice and lost both times. I don’t have much proof the paperwork was originally submitted except my call. Anyways in their handbook it does specify their policy but I have been hearing from a few people that my daughter’s birth and newborn care should be covered while I am in the hospital at least whether we add her or not to our insurance if I am under that policy… she is covered under the policy for birth. I know this is true with the state, but we are on a employer plan so I am iffy about this. I am going to contact them, but I am trying to find out from others before I call what I should do and say. We already had a family policy and I even went through their maternity program. It does state in their handbook specifically this under maternity care, Covered Care: “Diagnostic office visit (initial visit), routine maternity care/delivery charges for the mother, testing and radiology services, and facility fee for covered newborn care while mother is hospitalized.” The covered part is what confuses me. Does this mean she is covered under my plan or not for her nursery and hospital care??? Initially anyone would think covered means that she is a covered dependent that has been added, but I just have some hope here. Further down it does say that it doesn’t cover nursery and any medical expenses for any non-covered newborn dependent (example, child of your covered dependent), thus from that part I gather that they are just talking about a child that wouldn’t be eligible anyways (wouldn’t have to do with us because she would be eligble). I also noticed in the plan that it does say that when you add a newborn that the coverage is retroactive, so another questionable part since she didn’t get added. I am looking for a loop hole to get something paid because we are going to be held liable for ALOT!! Lesson has been learned… I will call right after I send anything and I will not wait until the last minute. This has been an expensive experience. I actually am more worried about the hospital bills than anything. We are going to be held liable for about $ 3500 in bills… grrrr.

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Answer by Lori
As long as the baby went home with you, the nursery care should be covered because the baby is considered covered under you whether or not you add her later…

Next time you send in paperwork, send it return receipt or certified. Then you will know it was received. OR call before the 30 days is up and if you need to re-send it, you will still have time…..

Answer by mbrcatz
It means nursery charge was covered. The “room charge” for the baby.

Anything she had done there – pediatrician exam, shots, if you do that to newborns, testing – won’t be covered.

For the next baby, notify them via fax, or certified return receipt mail, so you have a paper record that the request DID get sent. PITB, but way cheaper than $ 3500 in bills, and having to wait months to have your first well baby checkups.

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