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Posted in Child Support on 23rd January 2011

what do you use child support for?
in the state of texas, what is child support designated for? correct me if i’m wrong but currently i use child support for: rent, clothing, food/groceries, transportation, insurance premiums (that is written in our divorce decree) and toiletries-pull ups etc for my 3 year old. my ex husband has a new fiance and all the sudden after almost 2 years he has been asking if his child support is going to my child’s college fund. i told him that i have an account for my son’s college and told him he can open one as well. his response was “i already have, it’s called child support”. where does he get off assuming child support is for college savings? do any of you use it for that? i only get 460 a month and every penny is spent else where for my son. what do you think
thanks so much for all the support!

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Answer by Sheriff Leane
The courts ordered my wife to pay me alimony and I either spend it on hookers or cash the cheque and throw the money down the drain.

Answer by rockinout
If child support was meant to fund college, shouldn’t it last longer than the age of 18? Ask him that!!! He should put aside money just like you are.

Answer by trishopesisters
You obviously do the right thing. My ex , because hes still in college at 36 has had his leveled at $ 25 p/m (and hes in TX actually.) and he still bitches about maybe I dont spend it right.Many men have a hatred for paying their support, even though, whatever the circumstance is, they are 50% responsible. You sound like he’s rattling you, don’t let him.

Answer by CJ
Child support is just for that reason…to support and care for your child. You’re paying rent with it which gives him a place to live, clothes, groceries, etc. That’s what it was meant for. I think you’re doing fine right now with how you’re using the support. If he wants to make sure his child gets extra money for college, then he had better start sending more money 🙂 Good luck!

Answer by thunderbirdx18
Thats my bingo money for the month….

Answer by warandpeace
When my dad paid, the money was to go for whatever we (3 girls) needed at the time. He knew there was no way that money could be put towards college when it only covered our monthly needs. Even then, there wasn’t enough money to cover and emergency necessities had to be paid for by aunt’s or uncle’s

Answer by confused??
Your absolutely right. Child support is just that, support of your child, put a roof over his head, food in his mouth, clothes on his back. Your husband just has someone new in his life and he is trying to impress her, don’t worry he’ll get over it. I have been on both sides, so I know what I’m talking about. It would be different if you are buying your child, Doc Martins shoes, and highly priced designer clothes, b/c that would be a foolish way to spend the child support.

Answer by sindi a
child support is for just that , the support of the child. college funds are totally separate

Answer by titter_titters
You are correct. Child support is not to fund college but to help support in raising the child. Parts of it can go towards rent, clothing, food, and anything the child may need. Let him know what the child support is for. Show him your divorce decree. Stand your ground and let him know that his child support is not to fund college but support the child you have together. If he wants to help fund college. He needs to either open his own account for it, or give you more child support and saying anything over 460 is what that is designated for.

Answer by midwestbruin
Mad Dog 20/20, spliffs & crack rocks.

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