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Posted in Child Care on 9th December 2012

What do you think of the girl name Willow think?
I used to hate it, but I am growing a lot … There are names I like more though. But do you think that trying to hippie / trashy / out too hard? Be brutally honest I do not mind, thanks Best Answer (s):

response from Kazz Chambers
It sounds more like a cat’s name, as a person.

response from comeovaheremaria

answer by Amber
Inthink it’s pretty! I think …. the to a “real” name

Answer by Eli R.
Ehh, I do not like it. It has become very popular, and I can not understand why. It’s a not for me.

response from Michael I like
es.Es is different enough to separate, but not so “out there” that they are teased. Be

response from BamaGirl
I hear in my head “is that I’m back and forth Whip My Hair ….”

response from Mary Cunningham
I like it, but it had to grow on me aswell, the only thing it probably would not age well

response of hope and love I
‘m kind of the same, I would never use and now it’s used pink I think it’s very hard but I’ll give it to is gorgeous and beautiful, if for some reason I was forced to use it (ie my husband lol) , then I would love it well with him as a middle name

reply by megan

response from Ḱє ℓ ѕєу ❀ ❀
I love it .. But somehow it sounds whimsical melancholy the same time.

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