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Posted in Working Mothers on 19th May 2011

What do you think of my Tattoo?
I’m getting this tomorrow. I’m going to be changing around some of the Tattoo, as I do want to make it my own. I do have a reason for stars, and as of that being said, I’ll explain it . I had a brother , but my brother passed away at age 14 in a car accident . When he passed away, life had changed for everyone in our family. Our father cared more than our own mother, but our mother was never emotionally stable, and she always depended on her relationships for everything. Yes, my parents are divorced. My father, and his amazing mother, ” my grandmother ” raised us. My dad was always working for bills.. My mom never was around, only when she chose to be. My grandmother, she died from cancer, that wasn’t long after my brother ‘s death. When I look at the stars in the sky, I like to remind myself that it’s them watching over me .


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Answer by Buddy the Elf
Aww 🙁 but that’s an amazing tattoo!

Answer by Alycia
If you’re getting it as a memorial– I’d get something better looking than that. Your heart is certainly in the right place but I don’t care for the design. It’s so typical– try to design something more intimate and personal. Not just a design your found on the internet.

That’s just my two cents though!

Answer by I♥MR.A-Z
yeah I like it it’s really cute!

sorry about your brother and grandmother though.

Answer by Zombie girl
That’s a cute tattoo and im sorry for your lost. I would get the stars filled in though but that’s just me. Im glad to hear that you are also getting a tattoo with a deep message behind it and not for just some random reason.

Answer by Dereck Dong
yes ,it looks nice.
sorry to hear that,hope evrything goes well with your family

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