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Posted in Babysitting on 14th May 2011

What do you need to get into college?
Now a days colleges are expecting a lot from you. GPA? Volunteer hours? Sports? Grades? I can tell you that I am a straight A student and I am currently in a sport and I volunteer by “babysitting” kids at an after school program. So what do I need to get into any college or what does FIDM expect from a student that wants to enter that college?


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Answer by Nicole
At least a 2.0 or higher for community college or small colleges.
2.5 for bigger colleges and 3.5 – 4.0 for the top of the line colleges.
You have to have tops requirements and required courses. Also be in 50% of your class in rank. You don’t have to do community service to get into college but if you want to graduate with the community service rope you have to have 70 hours of service. It has to be signed and approved on paper work from the person your helping. The biggest thing though is ACT and SAT. Act to get into a big college you have to have like a 26 and some are way higher. For a small college its usually a 20. That’s how it works where I live.

Answer by RubberBiscuit
Depends where you go. Many, many, many schools do not care about volunteering, sports, or extra curricular. They go by the name of state schools. Decent grades and tests scores is all you will need. It is the private schools that generally want you involved in everything available in your high school.

Answer by Kb
you basically need to be a good student (a’s and b’s mostly, though the occasional c or even lower won’t make too much of a difference) who has something going on otherwise- whether it is volunteering or other activities. Sports and clubs are good, espicially if you are a leader in them, like a captain or president. develop relationships with your teachers- you’ll need them to write letters of recommendation. The biggest thing is filling out the applications on time and to the best of your ability. CollegeBoard.com has AMAZING resources for people looking at colleges. and most schools have a general application that you can fill out and send to multiple universities at a time- it’s pretty great. Commonapp.com.
collegedata.com also is useful- you can put in all your information, and it will tell you what the odds are that you’ll get into a certain school.
good luck!

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