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Posted in Child Care on 19th August 2011

What do you do with your school aged children (too young to stay alone) during summer months while you work?
This is the first year they are too old for “day care”.

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Answer by Anthony’s__mama
get a nanny or a baby sitter

Answer by ♥♥ Mommy To Be!
You can try asking a relative to take care of them or get a baby sitter.

Answer by Red Ninja Fox 911
Well you could get a baby sitter or try to see what happens when they are home alone. (Leave the house for ten minutes and come back.)

Answer by Deane
Go to camp.. they have half-day or whole-day; day-care; leave them to relatives to babysit…

Answer by shari m
You can get a sitter or try to find a day summer camp for thier age group. There’s usually alot of activities grouped by age and field trips. I thought my little one wouldn’t like it at first because she clings to me so much but she used to wake me up to get her ready for camp

Answer by ashley.
my brother and sister are 8 and 9 and somethimes no one can be home so she has a neighbor kid come and check on them every 30 minutes or so since they would rather just stiay home and she pays them

Answer by xchasingsummerx
Summer camp

Answer by gatorgrlz
I sent mine to the YMCA’s summer camp all summer. Check your area for summer camps.

Answer by rachel
I am a stay at home mum but in Australia many schools run a school holiday programme. It is from 7am-6pm. Our school runs this , it is the same people that run the before and after school care. It is for prep-grade 6. Also the pool runs a programme to (it is a YMCA one) and they do stuff there (not just swimming) and they have day trips

Answer by AlexTrebek
I enroll my son in day camps. YMCA, fine arts center, space and science center. Some camps can be a little expensive, but if you plan ahead and do your research you can find some very reasonable programs. Its also a good chance for them to try new things without committing for to long. Lastly try to collaborate with other parents. Maybe you can take turns driving or watching the kids after camp.

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