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Posted in Babysitting on 2nd January 2011

what do you do when you feel as if your family is walking all over you and disrespecting you?
i’m always stuck in the house babysitting my siblings. when i’m at home, i feel as i’m being disrespected because i babysit everyday and clean after everyone and still get yelled at and blamed for everything. its never a “thank you” or i “appreciated you cleaning and babysitting”. its always a “your useless” or maybe a “i hate you”. they always find someway to bring my spirit down. ='(

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Answer by Royale
Consider Liberation

Answer by netmcse
I would ask your dad if just you and him could go to Denny’s or norms for dinner/lunch. Then write down your concerns and share them with him there.
The pluses for doing this is that you will have his undivided attention, and its a public place so if he gets upset he has to keep his cool in there.

Give it a try and let me know what happens.

Answer by Mike
Let it be known that this behavior upsets you but do it in a polite way don’t lose your cool because if you start yelling and making a big fuss about it it might cause more disrespect so do as my mother always told me kill them with kindness if u can’t talk to your family and be real about it then who can you talk to ?

Answer by Wise Guy!
You sound of good mind, so talk to you’re parents and let them know how you feel from you’re heart, not out of anger.

If you have done it, done it well and not caused a lot of fuss with the family by having to do it there is a good chance you may be able to open their eyes to something they have not considered that they took advantage of.

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