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Posted in Working Mothers on 29th May 2014

What do you believe in? State your reasons.?
Do you have a religion, or is your “religion” believing in nothing
Personally I don’t have a “religion”.
I’m a Christian, even though a lot of people will hate without knowing who Christians really are. They will categorize it with other cults too.

Have you ever felt persecuted for what you believe in?
Has anyone told you you can’t do something because of who you are or what you do?
I believe in Science too. Mostly. Because science is observation, observing with your senses, and things you can prove. But we can’t prove something we weren’t here for, and don’t have records.
Yeah, it depends on how you view it. I’m a Christian meaning Christ-follower, or I want to have a relationship with Christ.
I do feel mocked by close-minded people who have been taught the same thing their whole lives and accept it as THE TRUTH.
It’s crazy there’s so many religions! There must be a reason or something more intelligent out there (and I’m not talking aliens) or some reason why we want to have religions.

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Answer by Jared, QED
“Personally I don’t have a “religion”.
I’m a Christian”

Idiot. Whoops, I guess I’m persecuting you.

Answer by C
I believe in Jesus Christ and the King James Bible

Because it is true

Answer by Green Goblin
I believe in reality. Things that have been Scientifically proven and can hold up to experimentation.

Answer by Logic [Free Mind]

Answer by smoking frog

i dont need no reason not to believe

Answer by Aljebar

Answer by Pirate AM™
Why would I need to “believe” in something? It seems that people who believe have this thought that “belief” is a inherent thing, when it really is not necessary.

Answer by star
so you’re a christian without a religion? isn’t christianity a religion. I am a christian btw.

Answer by Just Like Heaven©
I’m agnostic, i guess.
I think it’s stupid that their are more than 100 dif. religions. They all have their own flaws and rules. I just say I belive in god. period. Organized religions suck.

Answer by Frizby
I believe in God, i don’t feel persecuted, but i do feel mocked by those with closed minds on yahoo R&S..

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