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Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2010

question of I’m gonna start another riot : What do U California counties of cutting health care of illegal immigrants ?
With budget problems plaguing counties across the state have begun eliminating some health care of illegal immigrants. Critics say this will only further strain their budgets emergency rooms.Forced slash, some California counties eliminate nonemergency care for illegal immigrants – voted in a move that officials could by shifting the financial burden on emergency rooms to go back bestätigen.Sacramento County February on illegal immigrants from county hospitals with an estimated savings of $ 2,400,000 cash. Contra Costa County followed last month by cutting undocumented adults to about $ 6,000,000 to save. And Yolo County is on a similar change in the vote next month, which reduce the cost of $ 1,200,000. “This is an opportunity for us, by what I think is a terrible year for health care in California,” said William Walker, director of the Contra Costa Health Services.Walker said the national ambivalence on immigration policy means that illegal immigrants live here, but without federal or state funding for essential medical services to provide them. Walker, who said his medical career began treating undocumented farm workers, that the decision had been cut to their services difficult. “This is the community of people that we all leave on for decades, providing employment not only in construction but in the service and child care, “he said. continues, “We all live and work together here.” When the recession, tax revenue decreases and the number of newly insured patients increases, other county health departments in California and the nation can make similar changes, said Robert Pestronk, Executive Director of the National Association. “Communities are to be agonizing decisions about the services that fund to make it” by county and city health officials. Said er.Aber Pestronk said, do not shift costs is the answer. “This is a balloon that just expanded” he said. “If you squeeze in one place, it’s only going to expand elsewhere.” John Shun Hoff, Los Angeles County, said interim Health Department director, that there was no plan for health care to the county of illegal residents is to eliminate, despite the high projected deficits and concern about further cuts in state Finanzierung.Die removal of illegal immigrants from health services to enable districts to balance their budgets this year but will not solve the problem long term, said David Hayes-Bautista, professor of medicine and director of the UCLA Center for the Study of Latino Health and Kultur.http: / / www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-immighealth27-2009apr27, 0.3560878. History Best Answer:

response from Mayflower I
think it sucks that some people might have to go w / out primary health care. But I think it sucks even more that people come here illegally. It’s great that people want to live in America, but to do the right thing and register .. get on the golden path to citizenship, I do not think I’m asking too much.

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