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Posted in Working Mothers on 24th February 2011

what can we do about working in a hostile work environment?
i would like to know if myself and other employees are working with in a hostile work environment, our boss is some what new here and trying to do things to us to get us to quit. he has lowered our work hours, lowered wages, and has even tried to tell us that we can only have 20 min breaks (when NYS depot of labor clearly says we have 30 mins) this is not all he has done, he has made comments about peoples race, saying that they are niggers or monkeys, also he has used the “your mother” statement more then a few times when being told that it is inappropriate. what can we do? do we have to put up with this? we feel that if we go against him we will no longer have our jobs

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Answer by Fox29
call the LABOR BOARD and tell them everything that he has been doing / saying and they will take care of it. good luck

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