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What can I name my book?
this is a teen romance. its about a girl and her bestfriend. He’s a guy. She’s seventeen, and he’s twenty. (almost.) they may fall in love, may not. heres an exceprt:

“Oh God, tell me what you did this time.” I sighed, seeing my best guy friends expression as he entered my living room. He had a slight smirk painted on his beautiful tan face, and his periwinkle eyes had a mischevious glow. Sometimes, minus the slight tan and periwinkle eyes, he reminded me of Edward Cullen, which made me laugh everytime I think of that and look at him.

“Gee, Bri, you sound like my mother.” He snorted, shifting his weight on his other leg. His black, leather, motorcycle jacket was still on, and he had his helmet in his right arm, kind of in the crook of his elbow, under his armpit. He dangerously reminded me of a model.

“So now, I have wrinkles and a drinking problem?” I glared icily, but the corners of my lips were twitching. Jonah caught on to my joke.

“Of course, mom.” He grinned, and his teeth were so white they nearly blinded me.

“Gosh, somebody went to the dentist.” I chuckled underneath my breath, scooting to the other side of the small sofa so he could sit down. “Did you bring the movies?” I said more loudly, my eyes searching his hands. He picked up a black messenger bag by the door that I hadn’t seen earlier, and took a couple of DVD’s out and handing them to me.

“Transformers? Blades of Glory? Friday? Panda Express?” I raised a questionable eyebrow at him as I flipped through the choices. “Your movie taste has always sucked.” I confirmed, wrinkling my nose, as I disappointedly placed the movies in his seat.

“What? Now your insulting me?” He laughed, taking of his jacket and leaving it on the floor, his helmet on top. He picked up the movies and sat down in his spot.

I sighed. “Its that obvious?” I smirked, getting up and shuffling over to a small shelf on the other side of the room that held our DVD’s. I picked one, and it sat back down, handing it to him.

“The Notebook?” His voice was horrified.

“Yes.” I pouted, making a facelike I was about to cry. I batted my eyelashes, and wrapped my arms around his right arm. “Please, Jonah, like, if your the best friend ever.”

“Whatever, thats fine. As long as we can watch Tranformers later.” He negotiated.

“Your such a child.” I scoffed, handing him my DVD, as he got up. In no time he had hooked the DVD player up to the big flatscreen, and the movie had started.

“So,” I said, ignoring the boring credits and making small talk. “How was your day?”

He shrugged. “Fine, I suppose. I’m not making too much money at the bike shop, but its something I love. It’s gonna be hard to pay rent for my apartment this month, and I’m thinking of working at Garry’s Auto.” Jonah has worked at his family owend small motorcycle shop since he was seventeen and when his dad died last year, inherited the place, and now his twentieth birthday is coming up. I could see how he could be a little attached to the rundown place with little customers, but rent is rent.

“I could loan some money.” I said helpfully.

“No, Bri.” He said firmly, focusing on the TV.

“Jonah, please. Just let me help. I’m capable.” I insisted.

“Bri, your seventeen, going on eighteen. You have so many things to pay for right now, like college.” He said, cutting me off when I started to protest and tirade on about how I refuse to waste four years of my life at school all over again. “College, which I will be making you go to.” He added, his expression softening, as he looked at me. “Bri, it already looks weird for a seveteen year old girl to be best friends with a twenty year old guy.”

“But we are best friends.” I persisted.

“Yes, very best friends.” He agreed, smiling lovingly. “But that doesn’t change peoples views. Not everyone knows our history, that we’ve grown up together and what not. And I’m sure they don’t care. The adult world is very judgemental, kiddo. And if you give me money, i’m just afraid it would look wrong.”

“Whatever.” I said, slightly annoyed. “You wouldn’t take the money anyways.”

“Right again, Bri. I need to be independant.” He said seriously. “Your not always going to be around to help me with everything.”

“What does that mean?” I asked, severely alarmed.

He gulped. “I dunno, Bri. I’m just rambling nonscense.” He looked around for a distraction. “Look, the movie started.”

“Yeah.” I said softly, trying to put my full attention the movie, but my mind kept wondering back to what Jonah said: “Your not always going to be around to help me with everything.” Somewhere in the back of my mind, a tiny voice was yelling that that sentence had more meaning behind it than he put off.

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Answer by brownieâ„¢
Second Gear?

Hmm. Idk I’m kinda bad at titles. :/ Sry. But the motorcycle theme made me think of driving. Driving = gears. Wait do you have gears on a motorcycle? Haha, I think so.

Hey, my best friend’s name is Bri and I mentioned Edward Cullen in my story. Woww 😮

Answer by Locke
y did u stop writing down the book i got into it lol i love it so far i wanna read more ^^ ummmm mebbe “secrets” cuz Jonah wont tell Bri wats going on and he is being secretive ^^

Answer by Gabrielle
Well, is that all it’s about? If there’s going to be drama where he ends up leaving to go somewhere else but they stay friends and not fall in love then i think you should name it “I’ll Always Be Around”. it doesn’t hint that they’ll fall in love, but people assume it. it’ll throw them off and leave them surprised. or if they do fall in love then i think it should be called “Love Doesn’t Just Go Away” well then i guess they’ll know it’s a love story. i don’t know, it’s sounds a little tacky.maybe the first would be best for any scenario…but once it’s published i’ll totally buy a copy!! it sounds soooo good!!! hope you find your title!!


Answer by a girl with out a name 😉
forbidden love

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