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Posted in Working Mothers on 28th May 2011

What can I do to nullify some legal decisions of my mother if necessary?
I suspect that she is mentally ill, because in some critical situations her behavior becomes very harmfull.

For instance my father had a surgical operation and the doctor prescribed him some antibiotics to take for several days. My mother “decided” that the period for taking the pills was too long, so she emotionally blackmailed my father not to take them all, actually he cut the pills in the half of the period. After that he had some complications, but luckilly all went well, thanks to the doctor. There are other examples like this as they became older (she is 64, he is 70).

She is a stay-at-home, she is not even driving (never had a licence!), she had never tried to work something for money, she has never participated in the family income.

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Answer by cantcu
Become her Guardian!

Answer by arejokerswild
You could ask your father to discuss all of his medical decisions with you. You could ask him to give you a medical power of attorney. You could and should talk to his doctor and let him know your mother is not taking proper care of your father and won’t let him take his medicine.

She might not be mentally ill, she might just want him to die.

Answer by spider092361
As judgmental as you may be against your mom I say give the old gal a break. It seems like you’d like to put her away somewhere, but time will take care of that, chill out, we are all a little strange. Imagine yourself at her age, and what things will be said about your little quirks. Give your old mom a break, and let them(your mom and dad)plot their own course. Just remember you will probably miss them dearly when they are called to the big sleep. So chill out on the old lady, and enjoy the time you have left with them.

Answer by Mike
I am sorry to hear about your mother.

It is possible that she may have had good reasons to do what she did, however what she did is quite dangerous. It is fortunate that your father recovered.

You need to talk to an attorney who specializes in elder law.

Also, get your father’s written permission to talk to his doctor.

Have your father’s doctor talk to the attorney.

If the attorney and the doctor know what they are doing, they will be able to help you resolve the issue.

Do not try to resolve this issue without the help of the doctor and the attorney.

Answer by conranger1
The decision of your mothers condition is not yours to make as you have no medical training.

You have no power over any legal decisions she makes with her solicitor.

Sounds like you are in a hurry to get her commited so you can try obtain her possessions and property.

Answer by 48Special
Maybe if you got the Doctor to talk to your Mother and he can tell her how important the medication is for your father to take. Then go from there if she insists that he cut down the intake of prescribed medicine then tell your Doctor that you feel your Mother is being negligent about your Father’s health care. The Doctor should be able to lead you in the right direction in how to handle this.

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