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Posted in Child Support on 13th December 2010

What can I do exactly to get “back child support” from my father who ababndoned me? I was born in TX. My mom
filed in Louisiana where I grew up.
AI currently live in OK. and my dad lives in TX.
I’m in my 30’s too!
I heard there was a law could file for it though.

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Answer by mystcarol
Go to court

Answer by Hillary
It’s too late to ask for it now. If you could sue for it, the statute has long passed.

Answer by rogueriverbob
no chance in hell,…..

Answer by stay_fan2
In most states, child support is owed to the custodial parent, not the child.

So you can’t get it and you probably never could have gotten it. Your mom probably can’t get it, since most states put a “statute of limitations” oin collecting back support, and that is usually 6-10 years after the child turns either 18 or 21.

Answer by lisalisatheoneiadore
if he’s been out of your life for this long, why drag him back into it? it’s better…& healthier…to just move on with your life & appreciate those that choose to be a part of it.
you will get nothing out of getting any money from him…if you get any money. what you really want is a dad & you can’t force anyone to be that. sometimes you just have to accept things as they are & live your life to the fullest.

Answer by Noone i
i would like to politely suggest that you spend the money you were going to use to sue him on counseling to get over your anger at him. Trust me, its not worth staying angry, it will destroy you.

Answer by julie m
goto a lawyer and find out because I believe that it would be upto your mom because she had to support you through your childhood and she would be the one that he owes not you..

Answer by cyanne2ak
You CANNOT file for it, in any jurisdiction in the USA because you have WAITED TOO LONG. In most states, you have 2 years to file against him. Yes, there are such laws that allow children who reach adulthood to sue the non-paying parent.

Answer by Hook’em Horns
Actually, you can’t. The money is owed to your mother, not you. That is a big misconception.

I pay child support, and my ex is bound to use all of it in the care and support of my kids.

Now, if I didn’t pay child support, at all, and 20 years from now she finally did something about it, the money would be owed to her, not the kids. It is owed to her for completely supporting the children without support from the other parent.

So, you cannot get back child support because you are the child in question. Your mother is the one owed money.

Answer by ★★★ Katharine ♥♥♥♥
your mom has to do that. your mom filed..but, was anything granted as far as child support goes? tell her to call the C.S agency in Louisiana..and have them help her!
you won’t be able to do it…mom has to.

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