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Posted in Child Care on 2nd January 2011

What can I do as a parent to help a classroom full of students who have a mean teacher?
This teacher is a bully. She punishes the kids for small infractions. She keeps most of the kids in the classroom in during recess almost on a daily basis. She says things like “I don’t care” or “It is not my problem” when children raise concerns.
yes, I have sat in the classroom and heard what the teacher has said. I am very upset at the way that she is treating them and this is a legitimate question.

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Answer by Bishop McFeely – Altar Boy Lover
Have you actually sat in her class and seen this behavior or do you actually believe all the bullshyte your kid is feeding you?

Answer by sue h
speak with the principal and if that doesn’t work go to the administrator

Answer by Mindy
if you expect you child to never have a mean teaher you are way wrong; they will experience this in college too

consider it a learning experience for your child; we get shaped by the good and the bad~bad usually teaches us what not to do or how not to treat others

Answer by cjvw622
If she’s doing this when there’s a parent in the room, then she’s obviously got serious issues.
You’re an eyewitness to verbal abuse, and you need to speak to the principal. If the principal won’t do anything, then you go to the school board and file a formal complaint. As a last resort you can threaten to go to the city council or the local media. School administrators do not like the idea of adverse publicity. As long as you do nothing, her unprofessional behavior will continue. You should be arranging an appointment with the principal instead of writing Yahoo. It will help if some other class parents support you.

Answer by bluekitty1541
You sound like a student, not an adult.

Teachers need support from parents, not whining. As long as the kids are told what the rules and procedures are, they have no right to complain if they are punished for breaking those rules. Actions have consequences, so the kids (and you) need to learn that right now.

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