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Posted in Working Mothers on 17th March 2012

What are you doing for Father’s day 2009?

there are many things you COULD be doing, like fighting for your right to parent…

fighting to preserve your right to parent

fighting for EQUAL justice within the courts….

Local Dad Arranging Father’s Day Protest Walk

KENNEWICK, Wash.- Kennewick dad Julian Mariscal wants to send a message.

“They have a system, a family law system in place that has proven that it works, so he was just going to place the kids, the children with their mother,” Mariscal said.

A father of four this Father’s Day, Mariscal is in the middle of a bitter divorce he says is made only worse by the state’s stance on child custody; a position where he and some experts say the state of Washington ranks at the back of a nationwide pack when it comes to father’s rights.

To combat it, he’s organized a walk for dad’s like him, starting at Noon on Father’s Day at the Benton County Justice Center, who say they’ve been shorted by the system, a system he says favors the mother.

“All I’m asking is that they give us the opportunity, us men, fathers to have equal rights, just make it 50/50,” he said.

Some though, think the system is already fine.

“The typical family pattern was the mother at home with the children, the father working,” said Hon. Robert Swisher, a longtime Judge for Benton-Franklin Superior Court.

Swisher, a man who’s been caught in the middle of these bitter battles too many times, defended the system he represents.

“The law mandates that both mother and father receive equal consideration in awarding custody to one or the other, and I think both do,” he said.

Mariscal thinks otherwise, that’s why he has permits to start his walk this weekend at the Justice Center and move toward Columbia Center Boulevard, hoping to get his message heard.

“Four days a month, that’s not enough.”

He’s also started a website for other dad’s in similar situations: www.myspace.com/washingtonfathers.

I am sorry Mommy that your dad is no longer with us, please honor him, and his values by teaching your child about him, and how good he was to you. Honor him by helping other fathers just by being there. Honor your father by talking about the abuse that he suffered at the hands of a female perpetrator, and pushing for complete equality for mothers and fathers, INCLUDING equal punishment under the law.

Rio your dad is still a dad, and eligible to have his rights adhered to. Being married has nothing to do with rights as a human, and even though he is “still” married after twenty some years, he is still a parent right? Being a married man does not lessen his eligibility to be human nor does it strip him of any rights he would otherwise be afforded as a human being.

Best answer(s):

Answer by Oh! Lonesome Me
I want to protest so that men can have reproductive rights.

Answer by Derek B
I am not a father, nor do I know if I ever plan to be one. Undecided at this time, I’m only 22. However, would it be bad for me to go track down my father, and relieve him of his life?

Answer by Sox
Plotting to Chop up my father into little pieces, Just like ‘I punched a cat’ Said I did. 🙂

Answer by Proud Mommy
I will be at my dad’s grave he killed his self after years of being abused by my mom. I will try and find a way to Honor my dad’s life I just have to figure out what is the best way to do this. I lost my dad on June 24, 2008 and YES i do know what men face today. I had my eyes open.

EDIT: I wrote to my local newspaper about my dad being a victim. I also wrote about how my mom is trying to get help but we can’t find any help where she can admit to herself that she is the abuser and not my dad. I have not heard back from my newspaper. did not really expect an answer.

Also my daughter is being taught that her Grandpa Loved her. she is being told that her Grandpa care about her. I am also teaching her to respect ALL people.

And I have also wrote about my dad in my 360 blog. I Loved my dad we did not always get along. he had a temper and took out a lot of anger on me but still he was MY dad and I loved him. Thanks for the tips I will start and Honor my dad by trying to spread the word more. God Bless

Answer by Rio Madeira
We’re having lunch or dinner at my uncle’s place. My dad is still married (23 years and counting), so he has nothing to contribute to the fathers’ rights debate.

Answer by roger
Proud Mommy – I wish you the best and your daughter!

Answer by Mitch3ll
Spend a day with my pet cat, Broskii. Since i’m his “Father” hahah.

Answer by chuppkaychuppkay
Be good and kind.

That is a beautiful eye.

Answer by slither
as a woman who was mostly raised by my dad…mom was to feeble for my taste so i attached myself to dad and he never failed me….as a grandmother of my sons children who are strong men who do all that they can for their children and if my daughter-in-laws think that they can destroy their relationship with their kids that have another thing coming …….i will spoil them on that day ONLY with love and attention and a good hella fide good meal

Answer by Ken
If I can get the time off, I will be speaking at an an F4J “Fatherless Day” rally in Springfield Il.

Part of my speech will be to counter our president’s Father’s Day speech where he accused men of abandoning their children when he talked about Irresponsible Fathers. He got that wrong too and the link below will show why.

UPDATE: I have had to cancel plans to speak as mentioned above. My son will be in court for his final hearing for child custody on that day and I will be in court with him. He presently has full custody at this time

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