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Posted in Child Support on 24th May 2013

What are the worst 4 words man ever heard? can
A. “Is it in yet?” B. “You are the father” C. “I’m really a man” Best Answer (s):

reply by Christy
a or c ……. lmao @ a

Reply HansMaulwurf
This is a hard, but …. C

Reply mistymas
small d * ck

lost response of Conan Owner go
have difficult decisions … I hope you never have to hear one of them …. B is actually a very good, if you are married to her

answer by I am a teacher!
like “Me was pregnant” “Your penis has aids” “This is not a mole” “That’s not a penis” “My father was greater,” “When you hit” “The is the wrong hole “that’s all I got from you C

Reply by Rob
they are all pretty terrible … hmm would suck on short-term A and C, but B is much worse in the long term.

Reply by Dartagnan plucking vol.2
D. Are you ready?

response of pulses
“i want child support” “I do not suck d * ck” “That’s the wrong hole” “No, not there” “There are either doing hurt, “

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