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Posted in Child Care on 18th January 2011

What are the effects of unfairly, unjustly punishing a child throughout childhood?
by parents? They are always blamed even though they are innocent and the siblings are always excused for their behaviours. Nooone ever sticks up for the child that has been scapegoated, and if such a child retaliates they are again punished for defending themselves. If they look for the parents to intervene when a brother is bullying them, and threatening to damage property the parents say “Tell it to someone who cares”..Why would parents continually punish the one innocent child for the wrongs of the siblings or even if the child asks for help from the parents to defend from their bullies, they are still punished? What can the effects on such a child be? How might they grow up? Can it be damaging and debillitating?

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Answer by sixdcent
There are two likely paths this child may take. One, they will grow up and be afraid to actually contradict a person which will most certainly lead to a poor lifestyle. Two, they will grow up with a hate for their parents giving them the desire to do great with their life and never look back. It really depends on what type of person the child is on the inside.

Answer by lilkaratepunk
The child will be damaged their is a large part of upbringing that the child must go through part of it is the nurture of the child at a young age. When a child is punished it tells them without words that was a wrong action and they should think twice before doing that same action. When the child is wrongly punished it will confuse them. The child might grow up with child detachment disorder which basically is do to the lack of love and lack of safety in their home they will be untrusting to other people that look or act like the figure that has caused them that wrong in this case another parent figure.The child might grow up anger issues and turn out to be a bully because they don’t know where to but their anger out and will take it out on others. They might become the abuser later on have their on child and treat them the same way that they were treated. On the other hand the child might change their future run away and start fresh turn their horrible life better depending on how bad the experiences where. The parents do this to their children for many reasons their own experience , that child is the least like them and probably has allot to offer in their future and the parents can’t stand on them being better or more knowledgeable than them . Its really hard to tell without better insight about the parents habits or past. Im hoping that this isn’t a question you had to experience to ask if so im sorry and hope that you have mad a better life for yourself.

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