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Posted in Babysitting on 28th November 2010

What are some jobs for a 15 year old?
I well aware of the whole, “babysit” or “sell things” etc etc. But im talking about real jobs. Any ideas?

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Answer by Someone
I don’t know about in the city but in a smaller town maybe a grocery store, convenient store or resteraunt as a dish washer. Hope it helps I have the same problem

Answer by Vishal
Education, Education & Education.

Answer by Larry
clean out the gutters, mow the grass, trim, weed eat, water the flowers, clean the pool. clean the garage, clean the house vacume, clean bath room, do dishes,mop floors, wash the truck, tune up the car, change oil. these are real jobs.

Answer by Yammy
well in Michigan they hire at grocery store dairy queen places like that keep in mind that all places wont hire 15 year old normally 16 year old and you dont want to get involved with a job to early live up your childhood/teenhood but just keep an open eye and you will find something (;

Answer by Julio C

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