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Posted in Babysitting on 23rd November 2010

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Alrighty, I’m 11 years old (Yes, I know you would expect given that I babysat, but not too obnoxious, I’m very mature for my age) and I’ve just started the whole “babysitter” torture. The kids I babysit will be about 4-5 years old, and will generally be a boy and a girl. I have some questions, and am in need of tips. Here are a few:? * How much is a reasonable price per hour, with 2 children * What good games are unisex, boy and girl games games * What is a good way to tire out the children, making them easy to bed ‘re going? * Is it okay to give them a snack before bed? Any other tips, suggestions, games, or what ever you would know about the babysitter you erstaunlich.Wenn to my age, or anything else for that matter critize, ask I do not want you to beantworten.Und I am a woman, haha:) I apologize for the category, there were not many suitable diejenigen.Vielen Thanks in advance, Molly.Obwohl I realize you’re trying to be funny, I find this response quite disturbing, Brian. . Not exactly what I wanted to hear Best Answer:

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only lock them in the cellar

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