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Posted in Working Mothers on 16th June 2011

What are my rights concerning a work fight?
This morning I was waiting outside my salon for my coworker Jen to show up and unlock the door. When she pulled up she pointed and laughed at me and said “ha ha you forgot your key sh*t head!” i just came back to work from being out sick with mono, and i dont even have a key. we are not friends and the way she said it bothered me all morning. later in the day, Jen needed to leave early because her son got in trouble at school. my manager asked me to stay past my shift for her and i asked my manager to talk to her in private. i told her i was willing to stay because i understand that things come up and i am a team player. but i told her about what Jen said this morning and how it was unprofessional, and unnecessary and bothered me. (i’m not one to ever make confrontation with my co workers, since i have no authority status within the salon, i feel more comfortable telling my manager and letting her handle it. and i would have told the manager regardless of Jen needing to leave early or not) but because i told the manager i wanted to speak to her in private, Jen was eavesdropping on the other side of the door and barged in while i was having a quiet conversation with my manager and said “i need to interrupt! you are lying! i did not call you sh*thead!” we fought about it. she started yelling. i told her to admit it. she kept denying it. my manager wittnessed the whole thing and didnt do anything to stop it as it escalated.

then Jen started punching her fist against her hand, just inches from my face. i was sitting, she was standing. she was yelling at me “you are so lucky! you are so lucky!” i was crying alot. i looked at my manager with a scared face and she finally told Jen to go outside. from outside the door Jen yelled at me “why don’t you just leave? nobody likes you! i hate your guts! I think you’re a horrible mother” before she left the salon.

My manager kept saying “I dont know what to do”. i was crying to her alot, trying to explain that I dont have an attitude the way Jen and one of our other coworkers has. I am sweet and pleasant when I go to work, but I tell my manager when they are being harsh or unfair, so that has led to 2 of the girls not liking me. she has no experience as a manager, and there is no discipline in the salon. She doesn’t have any authority, those 2 girls break rules and walk all over her. And clearly there is no respect.

I dont feel comfortable working with Jen again and I feel very threatened. I want to say whatever I can to get my manager to fire her or at least suspend her, because I didn’t do anything wrong and I shouldn’t be harassed and suffer at work.

What is the next step I can do if my manager does nothing?

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Answer by Just Me
According to your Q&A, you seem to have nothing but problems within this salon. Scheduling problems, problems with numerous co-workers, problems with the manager, etc.

It’s beginning to sound like the problem is YOU more than it is everyone else. Maybe time to relocate, find another salon/group of people your more compatible with.

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