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Posted in Child Care on 15th April 2013

What are my rights as a father in New York, but not married?
My baby is 3 weeks old. We all live in an apartment. The mother called the police because I did not want to take the baby to their parents over night, but the police came and took it anyway, and now they will not let you could see me. My baby is the address where I live. My baby has my last name. And the mother is talking about suicide lately (probably post-partum), but it is very strange. What should I do and what are my rights? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks Best Answer (s):

response from starfire978
First off, not to mention you, when you leave, or just wanted to stop it disagreed. You have the right to fight for custody, if you want it, but it must be settled in court, and the courts are notorious for the side of the mother. You really do not have no right to tell her where she can take the baby to the state and vice versa. None of you can take the child over state lines without the other’s permission. Get found paternity and obtain legal documents, so that you have your rights. Otherwise, all she has to say is that you are not the father after all, and you have no say in anything, until a paternity test came through.

response from Gunrock
Dude, call a lawer, ASAP, I mean ASAP. You can usually get like 30 minutes free or might qualify for a free lawyer. Courts usually side with the mother, you have an uphill battle. I had custody and was to have to pay alimony because “first state aid” for the mother (incorrectly I might add) applied …. “She applied for state aid first, so you pay alimony. And we do not care”, the words agent directly from the CPS … Their attitude was, “you’re a man, so of course do not have the custody of your child support avoiding jerk.” Ask paternity, get a lawyer. I’m going to feel when you called Child Protective Services, they make you think, turn your ex to get back to her and not taken seriously, so that you can always würde.Außerdem lawer help for 50/50 custody fight. Chances are, that’s the best thing you can do, and probably best for the child. Unless the mother is a total mess-up, it is almost impossible to proove is an unfit mother. Remember, too, you will see that person the rest of your life, since you had a child with them and try along the best they can get you, it makes things easier and you’ll have a much healthier child haben.Good luck with whatever you decide. Time is precious, call a lawyer. Also here is a site that I found with a quick Google search: http://www.fathersrightsnys.com/gunrock

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