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Posted in Babysitting on 21st May 2011

What age can you start training a dog basic commands?
I have a 9 week old chihuahua puppy. I decided today was the day to strat basic commands. I know this takes time, LOTS of time, but he doesnt understand a thing.
I am using the Victoria Stillwell book for how to train him, and we were starting with ‘sit”.
He wont ever just sit. he just chews and chews my finger for the treat, and it just starts to hurt with those sharp baby teeth!
Is there another method for training the sit command someone reccomends, or am I jumping the gun on training basic commands?
thank you =]

I thought maybe it was a little early, but I haven’t ever had a puppy before, we always rescue.
he’s a very smart dog, so I thought maybe.. but I will wait a little longer. I just cant wait to have fun with tricks and such.

I am trainging him in the ways of housebreaking, what to chew and not to chew.. things like that.
I am going to puppy classes, but he can’t go untill he is fully vaccinated. The people I bought him from hadnt given a vaccine yet, so he wont be fully vaccinated for awhile still.

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Answer by Luna
In my opinion, 9 weeks is a little early for basic commands. I start training our puppies at 8 weeks of age, but that training is more for jumping up, chewing and housebreaking than basic commands. I start with basic commands at the age of 4 months. Good luck!

Answer by theFoxCrit
Give it some time! you only started today. maybe wait a few more weeks and then go back and see if he starts paying a little more attention. i think right now, he just needs to be played with and cuddled =]

Answer by Michael W
lift the treat over his head as you tell him to sit so that when he follows it he either has to sit to look up or stand on his back legs when he sits reward him with a treat from the other hand.
I dont think its ever to early to start the basic stuff,keep in mind though small doses are best its like an infant if you try it for long periods of time they get bored and wont respond at all

Answer by NatzFJB
are you usuing treats to begin with? Hold is treat above him slightly so he has to look up and move it ever so slightly back, when he begins to sit or his bum hits the ground say sit and repeat this a few times.

Try to keep them short, 10 minute periods every couple of hours as he will prob lose interest quite quickly being so young.

Maybe puppy classes too?

Try and keep it fun though and end on a high so he likes doing it the next time

Answer by ChloeBABY
Nine weeks is fine to start training, but he is still young so he will probaly try to bit you but i find this way helps… get a treat and put it about 2 inc away from his face then slowly (not too slowly) lift it up and behind him then he fill follow it with his eyes and sit, straight away when hes sat give him the treat and praise him. Keep doing this and he should get the hang of it. But remember its still early days so dont worry if hes not responding right away.

Answer by myfurbabies45
some trainers suggest training at 12 weeks for sit , stay etc
at this age you can teach down, & no for nipping & unwanted chewing
keep it short adding a few more minutes each day
Good luck
hang in there its worth it

Answer by Memphis Belle ~ Roll on Spring
Nine weeks old is fine. I start basic obedience the day after the pup comes home. Very short fun training sessions. If the pup doesn’t understand what I want I try something else, always ending on a positive note.

Sit, teeth & recall are the ones I begin with.

Answer by Michael W
When teaching a dog to sit you dont stick the treat in his face so he can eat it. You hold it up with one hand so the dog can see it, with the other hand push his butt down while repeating the command.

When you push his butt down, give him a small treat and repeat until he gets it. Thats how you train a dog to do any sort of command.

Chihuahua’s are stupid rat dogs though, not even good enough to punt.

Answer by Animal Artwork
I start shaping behaviors around about the time the pups are 3 weeks old… moving them to the potty area of the pen when I see they are about to go..

By 4 weeks of age my pups all sit because they’ve figured out that I only pet sitting puppies.

You can approach training by rewarding incidents that are GOOD rather than trying to induce the dog into doing something. A treat for lying down to go to sleep.. a treat for a cute expression.. a treat for sitting.. (or a pet)….

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