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Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2010

question of cell phone witch : Were you about learning how to read excited
The earlier kindergarten question reminded me of this. I remember that so to read about the situation in words excited, especially on road signs. I need my people went crazy with the constant recitation have do not pass “pass with care”,, “Slowly, children play”, etc. And the Burma-Shave signs, of course. I was just so proud of me Best Answer:

response of RT 66
I learned how to read, long before I was in kindergarten. Could not use a pencil worth a little to write or draw, but I was a fool reading. So, I can not tell you if I learning as I do not remember when I was actually learned excited. All I know is while my men were stationed in PI, we had a Nana named Connie, who was always reading to us.

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