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Posted in Child Support on 24th May 2012

Welfare and child support help! Please read?
Now…plain and simple, is it true that when a girl files for welfare, it automatically creates a “child support account” so to speak to the father? If so…I heard that when they ask you for the father’s information, the girl can lie and put a fake name and address (to help out the dad if they get along) and that way the “child support” wont hunt the dad down to pay up? Some girl told me she put all the 411 on her welfare application, and since the dad lives in Mexico, he later tried to claim his VISA and they denied it because he owes money. I guess my main question is…a girl can screw you over if she wants, but if she doesnt want to, that’s also possible, right?

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Answer by Anna
Screw you over? Wouldn’t shirking your child support duties be considered “screwing” her over? Sheesh. The state will require a copy of the birth certificate and any relevant information on the father, and will use that information to locate the father if possible. The noncusodial parent is required to pay child support, in any case, and to pay back the state if the child receives state benefits. Lying to the state could equal jail time. Be smart.

Answer by 3lilmen
HUH? Screw the father over? If the woman has to file for welfare or child support, I would guess, the father has already screwed her and their child over.

Answer by Peter M
The first two answers you have received are excellent! I’m a dad who considered it a sacred responsibility to support my child and now many years later, I have both a loving daughter AND ex-spouse. Do the right thing.

Answer by JC
Your wording in this question has certainly put you in the hot seat since you are basically saying a father would be ‘screwed over’ if he is forced to pay child support of his own child…who’s mother happens to have to file for welfare. Not cool, dude.

But to answer your question, yes, it all depends on the info that the mother puts down on the father. If the father is on the birth cert then there is no lying that will get past that. So, if the fathers name is not on the BC and the mother does not list him as the father (and just says father is unknown) then there cannot be lien for child support. But, if it is found out one way or another that mother does have the father information and she didnt provide it, then she can be fined and jailed for fraud of the state government. Not worth it to her to lie.

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