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Posted in Babysitting on 15th January 2012

We got a puppy!!!!!! Doberman Mix Facts?
We have just bought a doberman mix that is 8 months old. We got her from the animal shelter and she already knows “sit”. She seems like a very happy puppy.

We get to take her home on Monday. I would like to know if anyone could give me any tips and awares of Doberman Mixes. Im not sure what she is mixed with, but she is a SWEET sweet puppy and shes a big baby but they say she PROBABLY wont grow much bigger. and she has more of a rounder face than a pointy nose.

But i would love your answers and facts, things i should know 🙂
Thanks for your help 🙂

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Answer by Lady
I don’t own a Doberman mix myself, but someone I know does have one and they mentioned that these dogs need to know who’s the boss at an early age. Meaning, they need a strong leader or they start to feel insecure, or that’s what they told me anyway. The site below might also be helpful since it offers information on purebred Dobermans. At least you’ll know what to partly expect, right?

Answer by Beaa.
Don’t rely on this as she’s a mix but here..
Dobermanns need to be shown who’s boss from the minute she gets home to avoid dominance issues. Mouthing is a strict NO, even during play. She’ll need a good run each day – an hour or so is perfect. She won’t shed much (If she has the Dobie coat) but brushing once or twice a week when you get a chance is great. Some can get blood clots very easily, so choke chains are not suggested because of the pressure they put on the neck. The Dobermann is an intelligent dog that tends to model herself round her owner – i.e. if you put her in a house with a tonne of screaming kids, you’d end up with an excitable, possibly nervous and aggressive dog. If your house is pretty laid-back, your Dobe will follow that. They’re a pretty ‘clumsy’ breed and, like all big dogs, think they’re lapdogs! They are an AMAZING breed to own as they’re so loving and loyal – although be prepared to jump if she barks out of the blue!
Good luck honey, and congrats with your shelter dog (: message me with a picture if you can, she sounds beautiful!

Answer by Infinitely Superior
There are no “facts” about any sort of mutt-a mutt is a mongrel is a mutt.

Answer by tlctreecare
First off I have owned the breed for 20 years and worked as a trainer as well.
Dobermans can be pushy dogs. They need a firm set of rules in place when they come into the home. Then stick to the rules always.
You need to be in charge or the dog will be and you may not like the things the dog wants to do.
Training is a life long thing for them. Work some each day and keep it fun for you and the dog.
Dobermans are prone to some health issues.
Von Willdebrands a blood disorder similar to hemophelia in humans. If cut the blood may not clot. You can have your vet test for it. It used to be very preveleant now not as much. Also being a mix will help.
They are prone to all types of cancers.
They are prone to skin and coat issues in the blues and fawns.
They can be picky eaters. They need a high quality diet free from corn and wheat and soy.
They are highly active dogs who need a fenced yard and room to run. They like to play hard and rough. My yard looks and sounds like a dog fight when in fact it is just two happy Dobes playing.
They like to chase and stalk things.
Nip any issues in the bud and try not to let things get out of control If you need help get with a trainer and have them come into your home and work one on one with you and the dog. Many things can be worked out easily with just a little work.
Good luck with your new pet.

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