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Posted in Babysitting on 12th February 2011

Way to go Carmelo?
I haven’t seen many highlights yet but when you’re a player of Carmelo’s stature should you be getting into stupid situations like this?

LeBrons team has been involved in 1 or 2 melees and Alonzo has definitely started something with D Wade on the floor but these two young great players have kept their hands clean of everything except for maybe a complaint or so about the new ball.

Does this latest mess distinguish Wade and LeBron(along with many others from the same draft class) way above Carmelo until he can redeem himself with more than an apology(I don’t think him being the top scorer so far this season is all that great when he’s throwing blows)?

Does the NBA have a big mess to clean up other than just this latest fight?

I, personally have liked the latest “babysitting” moves because obviously a lot of these players need it. These players may be rebelling against a “babysitting” system that pays them millions but only asks them to dress decently and not carry guns
I can deal with a player going a little crazy with a hard foul within the play of the game because that will be dealt with by the refs and the commitee later, if necesarry. A flagrant is just that, a flagrant foul and that is why the rule and the penalty is there, but once it starts to get out of hand a player like “Melo needs to be the one who stops the rest of the players and not join them.

As the leading scorer of the NBA, his ego needs to tell him, “hey, if you don’t play for a few games you’re going to have an asterisk next to your record, if you make it, stupid.”

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Answer by igotbank2
NBA needs a salary cap asap…. these idiots are making too much money. They could care less that they get in fights… they’re still making millions a year. make them forfiet a years pay to charity when they do stupid shit, and only let them make a maximim 1.5 mil a year…. I bet that’d make a difference.

Answer by nikejdisoccer25
u can not babysit moves on the court. expect the unexpected. in the knicks case, the unexpected was rookies on the knicks floor and showing their undisciplined frustration by escalating a physical fight. the expected was the nuggets whooping the knicks on their home court. however, melo was wrong of course punching mardy, but it is really hard to hold in your anger when someone is holding you back and your trying to get up in everyones faces and showing whos right and wrong. ultimately, the knicks have major problems to solve as a team and nuggets just gotta keep winning. i am pretty sure that no player besides mardy collins would head lock a player into the ground on a fast break play. i understand a flagrant, but not a play where he headlocks a player to the ground. its a typical rookie play.

Answer by The Chef
Yeah, Carmelo has pretty much ruined his name and “clean” status. I agree with you that the NBA’s new “babysitting” moves have been a great step by David Stern. Obiously, the players don’t like it because they’re used to the old ways, but as the league progresses into the future, the new players wont have that knowledge of the old rules, and this is exactly what Sterny is trying to achieve. I pretty much lost all respect for Carmelo after seeing him on Punkd’. He is just as bad as Kobe, if not worse – up himself i mean. Most high scorers need a big ego to be able to take all that pressure.

Good on you David Stern! Now fuck off. lol

Answer by whetzellus
I don’t mind when players fight. Robert Parish, Kareem, Bird, Shaq, they have all thrown punches. But they weren’t sucker punches like the one Carmelo through. Carmelo is soft, and he’s even soft when it comes to fighting. I hope someone beats that piece of trash down.

Answer by coastin115
I expect Carmelo to be getting a call from Michael Jordan very soon, especially since he represents Brand Jordan.

Answer by iamblizzy
Horrible move on his part. I know him and JR Smith are buddies and all so he wanted to stand up for him but why do something so stupid when you know it will be frowned upon heavily? I had tons of respect for Melo up until seeing this, bad move on his part. There was no excuse for him to throw that punch when he had nothing to do w/ what was going on. Total bonehead move on his part, can’t wait to hear how he apologizes.

Answer by David T
Smoke some dope, then ask the question. Thats what mello does.

Answer by .
no sh!t

Answer by kamol_yason
I fail to understand why anyone is surprised at this kind of behavior. A lot of these athletes have been brought up to feel that they are “special”, and that their athletic talents will overshadow any wrongdoings that they commit.

I for one don’t really care about the fighting. These guys are getting paid to perform on the court. Their employment status should be based on more than scoring points, instead, why not run the player’s union just like the Bar Society is managed. If a player does not live to a prescribed “Professional Code” then he should be removed from the players’ union and should never be able to set foot in the NBA. You cannot ban a player after the first incident, but they MUST have a legitimate code of professionals with real consequences.

Giving them 10 games off just means that they go on vacation on a big Yacht for a week or two.

Answer by soul_acestar
punch was soft? no! it wasn’t it ..even took Collins down he was too strong for the whole Knicks team!

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