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Posted in Babysitting on 23rd December 2010

Wat well paying job could a 14 year old girl get?
Ok, I’m 14 yrs. old and I am starting to need some more money to keep with me and my bank account. I live on wpg Manitoba Canada and would like a well paying job that will work in summer and will work for a school schedule. But I am tired of getting the following answers….”babysit” “do yard work” etc. Thx for the help.

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Answer by Lauren&Meghan
Yeah sorry I just went through this a few years ago but you can’t get a job til you are 16 because of all the child labor laws :/

besides being a babysitter you get a lot more money than you do actually working in at a real store or something

believe me I work at Pacsun and only get paid 7.25 and hour before taxes

Answer by Anony Moose
what skills do you have? if you want a “well paying” job, you need to offer skills worth paying well for. or maybe you have some talent (musical, singing, etc.). if all you can do is what anybody else can do, there’s no reason to pay you a premium for what is generally called unskilled labor.

Answer by CoComo jOe
haha no way,…im from winnipeg too. Weird…anyhow, i would suggest babysitting. Not many jobs hire fourteen year olds, the minimum is usually 15 1/2. Theres a lot of families in whiteridge, lindenwoods…rich families that could use baby sitters. Check the freepress or the sun for some openings , theres usually a few. good luck!

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