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Posted in Child Care on 3rd January 2012

Was your mother-in-law at the birth of your child? how was the experience?
my son was born 2 weeks ago and my mother-in-law helped me through my labor so much. i was wondering what i could get her as a gift to say thanks becuase i don’t think i could have done it without her. i had a natural childbirth at a birthing center and my mom couldn’t be there because she lives in another state. so i planned for it to be just me and my husband and his parents would be in the waiting room. my husband and midwife were awesome but after 12 hours of labor i decided that they just were not helping me with the pain anymore and i just wanted my mom. so my husband asked if i wanted his mother to come in and help and i was in so much pain i said “what ever i don’t care” as soon as she came in i begged her to get me drugs even though i told my husband DO NOT give me drugs no matter how much i plead or beg. she let me squeeze her hand while she breathed with me as we breathed together i felt so much better. it was like she knew exactly how much pain i was in and what to do to help. she also got my husband to relax and refocus. when i started pushing my hubby sat behind me and pulled my legs back and counted as i pushed. my mother-in-law never let go of my hand as her and my husband counted. at one point i stopped pushing and panted to her ” i can’t mom i can’t do this.” she told me in a stern voice “yes you can he is almost out sweetie push” and i kept pushing and he finally came out we were all in tears. so i want to show her my appreciation what can i do for her?
she was also crying because she said that he looks just like my husband when he was born

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Answer by Merry Christmas to you.
Yes my MIL was in the room and i was so pissed. I did not even want her nasty — in there. Just because my mom was in the room; she wanted to come in. she was no help at all.

Answer by Natz
perhaps a nice portrait of the baby?

I would never in a million years have my mil at the birth of my kids, ive had 2 already and i didnt even want my mother there. my mil is a alcoholic and my mum is a control freak and just…im not even going there. Anyway, it is nice to hear that your mil was so helpful and i think she will appreciate a picture of baby.


Answer by ♥Overdue: 1 DAY!♥
Just the words that you told us would be great, you just gave her a greandkid, my MIL will be with me too and I think I also will have a great experience! Congrats

Answer by forever5
You’ve already done the best thing you can – you gave her a grandson.

Allowing her to be a part of his life would be thanks enough.

Answer by kayla.kitten
get her a nice piece of jewelery or something. maybe something with your baby’s name on it or birth stone or birth date…i think she would really appreciate that.

Answer by teacherpower
Wow what a nice story. Here are a few ideas: A beautifully framed picture of her and the baby. If you haven’t named the baby yet, consider your MIL dad’s name as a middle name. I would be happy to just simply hear my daughter in law tell me what you just told all of us. Congratulations on your son. May he have a long, healthy and prosperous life.

Answer by Amber
That brought tears to my eyes. Maybe you could get her a engraved necklace or something that she likes and a thank you card. But, in the thank you card tell her how much it meant to you that she was there to help you out and how much you appreciate her.

Answer by DontHateThePlayerHateTheGame
wow thats neat that ur close like that me id die before she touched my hand .. u were blessed

Answer by Amber’s mommy
I wish my MIL was there, my parents too live far away and since my husband and I were cheap we didn’t want to pay for parking and we asked my MIL to drive us…so she did she walked us up to the floor we were sopposed to be on…and then left, I was totally baffled! she even drove my husband back the next day after he was finnished work and didn’t even bother to come and see her first grand baby…when she finally did see our daughter when she was 5 days old I questioned her and she said she was afraid…I just don;t understand how she could be afraid because she has 2 kids of her own and we have an excellant relationship…oh well she’s not scared anymore

Anyways to your question, I think you should buy her some flowers and get your son a bib that says I love Grandma or Thank goodness for Grandmas and take a picture of him in it and get it framed for her…that would be cute

and congrats btw!!

Answer by newmom0820
Okay so that def brought tears to my eyes. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant, DH is in Iraq and I am staying with my in-laws. My MIL will also be at the birth or our DD. She has been there for all 23 weeks and will be here till I deliver. I couldn’t imagine not having her to help! Giving her a grandson is the best gift imaginable! Congrats!

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