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Posted in Child Support on 6th September 2012

unmarried father threatened to be put on child support?
my brother is not married he was just with his gf and they had a child which is now 8months old and she is threatening to put him on child support because he doesn’t want to give her(gf) money from the tax return and she also doesn’t want to let him see his daughter and all she keeps saying is “i swear if you don’t give me that money im gonna put your a** on child support”, and then she also makes a more money than him, my brother just wants to save the money for his daughter so im just wondering what are his rights and can she put him on child support
this is in california
he already supports his daughter and she wants that money for her own use you guys dont get the point she broke up with cus she cares more about the money than her own family and he is not a deadbeat so don’t come here with that bs and why should he be on child support when he’s responsible and takes care of his daughter and his gf just wants to be out with friends and clubbing so yeah

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Answer by rastabreezy
Dont matter if their married or not wtf do you know what century this is!??? Its his baby so yea she can do that, but its his baby so he can file it too!! Tell her btchass to stop threatening him over money and let him see his fkng daughter if hes actually going to pay for shitt and do something about. It can go both ways!

Answer by Janet Pierce
Child support and visitation are completely separate. If your brother never petitioned the court for custody/visitation orders, he has no rights to them. She SHOULD file child support since they are not married.

What exactly is your brother waiting for? His child needs food and diapers TODAY. He doesn’t get to hold the money, it’s for MOM to pay expenses for the baby. The money never belongs to or goes to the child btw.

Answer by ρερρεяЬεαѕτ
Why yes, she can insist that he financially support his own child.

Edit: it doesn’t matter what her motivation is or what you think of it. He’s still responsible for supporting his child, and the legal mechanism for this is regular child support.

Answer by Jan
Of course she can put him on child support and she should. He is responsible to pay for his child too. Doesn’t matter if she makes more money, he still has to help support his child.
Why doesn’t he want to give the money from his tax return to help support his child? He sounds like a deadbeat.
If he want visitation, he has to go to court and ask for it.
What a load of crap, he wants to save the money for his daughter. No one is going to believe that one. His child needs support now.

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