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Posted in Child Support on 9th January 2011

Understanding Child Support Arrearages and Usurious Child Support

Sometimes, the legal system and legal jargon can cause you to be a little confused and out of the loop, but by knowing a few terms related to divorce and child custody, you can easily feel confident in your ability to fight anything and everything in court.

Two words that can come up when child support isn’t paid up are “usurious child support payments” and “child support arrearages.”

Usurious Child Support

Usurious child support is essentially an error on the court’s part that makes the child support payment extremely high and thus leaves the non-custodial parent, or the parent paying the child support, in a financial hardship.  Extremely high child support payments can happen, and are typically a miscalculation or lack of deviations.  Deviations that can lower your child support are situations such as payments you make for other children, high amounts of personal credit card debt, or over-the-top expenses due to distance between parents, etc.

Child Support Arrearages

When you fall behind on paying child support, it is said that your child support payments are “in arrears.”  This basically means that they are late and that there is back pay involved.  When there are child support arrearages, the other party can utilize the Office of Support Enforcement to wreak havoc on your personal life in order to get you to pay the back pay amounts.  This can involve personal license suspensions, such as work licenses or driver’s licenses, wage garnishment or even jail time.  It is a good idea not to let your child support payments go into arrears as this can shine a negative light on you as a parent if the issue ever goes back into the court system for modification.


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