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Posted in Babysitting on 19th March 2014

Trucking Companies that will hire with no current experience?
Due to an injury I had on my own property I had to resign from my truck driving job back in 01.
I went into business for myself as a kennel owner and trainer till my dad took ill in Ga. thus me moving there in June. Well I found my savings going fast and now struggle to keep the wolves from the front door.
I started applying on line to lots of trucking companies but all came back with “we need current experience”
Then I searched for companies that require no experience and have applied to a few just the other day.
It really hurts to have given up on a career that I truly loved and made good money at but starting my business somewhere new will take time that I don`t have and I need to be able to make a living and pay the bills thus falling back on my class A CDL.
Does anyone know of any trucking companies or even owner operators that will give experience/ hire some one that still actually knows what he is doing without it costing me an arm and leg?
Who would you recommend?
I now reside in Ga. I have a doubles and triples endorsement.
Flatbed, chip wagon, van and tank experience way back and probably have driven well over a million miles professionaly and only have 1 speeding ticket on my license with No accidents.

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Answer by Suzanne S
Werner trucking, Jb Hunt

go over to www.thetruckersreport.com and check out those and other companies.

Answer by Forest Basenji
Covenant, Swift, Schneider, UsXpress, TransAm, and I am pretty sure Crete, are all companies that train and hire inexperienced drivers straight from school.

Being that you’re experienced, but have no recent experience, unfortunately you’ll initially be lumped in with the “trainees”. You may even be required to go on a truck with a trainer for a certain amount of time. This likely won’t be as bad as it sounds….you’ll get a refresher on some things, and the trainer will be relieved to have a student he doesn’t have to “babysit”. Trans Am has one of the shortest in-truck training periods of any company….and Crete will allow a trainer to “graduate” a student early if he/she feels the student truly knows what they’re doing.

Once you get a good year or so under you, that gap in driving experience won’t be nearly as problematic, and you’ll likely qualify for plenty more driving jobs.

I’m sorry to hear of your financial problems….being a professional dog trainer is pretty much my “dream job”….if I couldn’t drive a truck anymore I’d probably find some way to get into that. I just needed a career where I’d be guaranteed income, and I felt there was just too much uncertainty in going out and trying to carve a niche as a dog trainer with nothing to fall back on. I may attempt it one day!! Definitely sorry to hear that it didn’t work out, here’s hoping you find a way to get back into it.

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