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Posted in Working Mothers on 4th August 2013

Trouble with writing a pixie changeling?
My main character is a pixie changeling, she was switched at birth with a human child when she was born, but now she’s 19 She left home after her parents found that she was a fairy when she was 15. So here’s my question, how can I let the readers know their back story without having a piece of the first chapter on her backstory. Usually the main characters have interesting life before the story begins, so there is not much to be revealed to them. What should I do Best Answer (s):

Reply by Alex
Have they told her that if she does not know it or to explain it to another character if she does.

Reply katbyrd41
Have you written anything but? Which view are you writing from? How did you start the whole shebang Anyway, here’s a possibility: Pixie looked at the girl across from her sat at the small table in the middle of the maelstrom of the cafeteria. Della was another nice girl and could be a good friend. They were in the same Psych 101 course at the University. Della began each class looking determined to be attentive, and after an hour the instructor drones on and on, she looked ready for a nap – just like Pixie felt every Zeit.Sie ​​had fallen together and it looked like they were his good friends could. Della with her unruly blond hair, big blue eyes and enviable curves seemed nothing had the effect of her angelic look on guys. She was smart, but did not show up, they threw in a zinger to the conversation that the guys made the eyes pop. Like so many of the girls had with Pixie now sat through high school and university, Della was healthy, wholesome, the ideal American Mädchen.Alles Pixie was observed nicht.Pixie Della mouth as she chatted about the latest call from her mother. “I told her that everything is okay, but she’s all worried that I gain weight. fifteen pounds, she says, all college freshmen gain 15 pounds. I told her that I did not win one ounces, I work out running back and forth across this huge campus, but it has only in the mind that …. “Pixie sighed inwardly. How nice it must be to get a call from your mother. Jenny – Mrs. Smith – had not heard from her mother since she left home four years ago, at the age of 15 She had heard the confusion in his parents’ voices when they talked about it, they think could not hear them growing up. “She is so small, so dark compared to you or me or the rest of the children’s mother says she can not think someone in their family is similar to Pixie And she knows what she’s going – .. know the most extraordinary things I do not know how you can see it in her eyes … this whole pool of knowledge so far above everything. .., I know and I have a master’s degree in sociology, I just do not understand where it comes from “Fairyland, there is verdrossen.Sie thought Pixie could still remember the shock of her mother – Mrs. Smith – face when they Pixie discovered this was in fact just that – an eleven, a fairy, not even a human Kind.Jede Help? I like your story idea;! Happiness

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