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Posted in Toddlers on 12th January 2011

Toddler Toys Can Help Tots Behave and Develop

The growth and development of every person is highly individualized but the principle behind remains the same for everyone. From infancy, the child will become a toddler going to the preschool stage and so on. When a child reaches one to three years old, he is now called a toddler. At this stage, parents and caregivers should understand the behavior of the child. Toddler toys are helpful to asses the growth of the child. With the help of toys, parents and other adults can easily guide the children by providing adequate discipline and attention.

Toys and Toddler’s Behavior

Some parents say that their children are misbehaved but the truth is that’s how the child behaves in that certain stage. A toddler always says NO and parents at times punish their children because of disobedience. They do not recognize that the child’s behavior is normal. Sometimes, all they actually want is to exercise their freedom to choose and the best you can do here is to offer them choices. For example, offer him a robot or a ball. Let your child decide on what he wants to provide him with some control. Try to apply this principle when you offer foods or clothes to your children.

Toddlers are also outstanding for the rituals and routine they perform. When it comes to training them to eat proper food, you can use toddler toys to teach them about food. Play foods are good toys to use for this kind of training. When it comes to toilet training, toddler toys can also help. Put some interesting toys in the toilet that will make your tot comfortable and interested when you are toilet training him.

Toys and Toddler’s Autonomy

This is the positive effect if the child is righteously cared for. For this to be achieved, parents should recognize that the word “NO” by a toddler signifies something. This is the attitude of a child who wanted to choose for his own. He wanted to be independent even in simple decisions that he make. In taking the toddler for shopping, let him decide on what he wants. Bring him to a store where toys cost less so that your child could still choose his favorite toy without bragging your budget.

If autonomy is not achieved, shame is a possible result. It becomes a manifestation when the child is not allowed to perform independently. Toddler toys like toys that encourage tots to pretend and imagine are good toys that allows toddlers to think on their own, and act independently. When you hear them talking to their toys, refrain from correcting them now and then when you hear them say something not factual to their toys. Let them play; the best you can do is to play with them and go along with the world they have created with their toys.

A toddler’s attitude can be hard to understand. But, there is help for parents who want to deal with the issue accordingly; toddler toys are great tools to help train and teach toddlers.

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