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Posted in Toddlers on 24th November 2010

toys are their favorites child?
What is your little “boys’ favorite toys and worth the money? Best answer (s):

Answer by ** A * L ** acid To this point, the toys of my favorite 2 year olds are the cars and trucks of all kinds, books and a Bath blocks of wood that was like $ 15. He also loves his Elmo established. Nothing fancy, but you only love them.

Answer by Anne G to find
Leapfrog table and Groove Music. Look for an online coupon and / or Babies R Us online coupon. It’s expensive, but he plays with a lot, it was worth it.

Mom Response Os
this time My 2 1 / 2 year old loves cars, trains and trucks, he also enjoys puzzles and crafts . Basically, you’re safe with anything that is safe and a mini-version of what a grown man would. They are all the same, food, cars and tv!

Response Beauty Junkie
My child loves chew toys

hstris Reply via
cars and trains are my 2 1 / 2 YEARS favorites

Answer by me My
2 1 / 2 year old son could play with his paddle all day! Find what you love you son and not be afraid to make the purchase if it is something that is really -! It will keep him busy for hours and is much better than television

Reply by Heidi Z
My guys like a little plastic workbench with tools (hammer, nails and screw “they can work in it, the key). I have three and they all play with it (the oldest is around 5) it lasted longer. Well, it’s worth it. The baby was standing on her almost 3 year old Yankees stuff off it and hits things, and year about 5 years old loves to put on all the different elements precisely. it is a “little tikes “established, is about 2 1 / 2 feet tall, has few parts, very fun.

osepose Reply via
by fischer price little people. they have the preschool, the zoo, the market, planes, buses all kinds of holiday games. the prices are just above average, but they last forever! if you go on ebay, they sell the people of Fisher-Price with little more than 40 years, and in perfect condition. they are tried and true.

Answer by Misty Dawn My
2 1 / 2 years is absolutely in love with Diego. (He has been a life saver in many areas: we have the room completely Diego, and it actually helped the transition from bed to bed her infant without any problems. Whenever he does not want to go in bed just happy to get him out of bed Diego!) For Christmas, we bought him the rescue center and its great grandfather brought him another. Now we can buy him any additional animals that will with when we want to find him a new toy. He is so excited about these! It takes the animals with him whenever we go somewhere he could get bored, including restaurants. They do a few special cases for eux.Comme for other toys that have fallen short of money, he likes any kind of toy car. It has all the Tonka trucks hotwheels. I love watching him dig through his toy box and to choose all cars (regardless of size) so he can play with them together. He also loves animals (some of that stems from his love of Diego) and dinosaurs. We bought him small packages of 50 animals and 50 dinosaurs for about $ 2.88 at Wal-Mart and they were incredible! He can stay there and make noise each animal (again from most of Diego) and he likes to noise dinosaures.Les best toys for your son is what suits his personality. If he has a TV show he likes, get toys that are related to that. For my son it provides not he only plays with them, but it also makes him more in education shows. He learned Spanish, animal noises, and counting long before I ever thought he had the learn. The only things I really try not to waste my money on toys like the Baby Einstien and beyond. He never really got it in them, as there is nothing in them that can understand. I know several people who have spent much money on these things for their children never to touch them. I know they are supposed to be very informative, but so far my son has learned more toys Do you think the novelty simple.Bonne luck

verma69g Reply via
Pl try to buy games that improves children’s brains

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