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Posted in Toddlers on 8th December 2010

toddler speech problems?
my dd is 27 months and has a vocabulary of nearly 100 words. my concern is this this…she used to always be able to answer “what does a kitty, cow, duck, puppy say” today i was asking her that while she played w/ her farm and she wouldn’t answer. i kept asking, no response. is this a loss of language? she is using all the other words she normally uses. first child so not sure if this is just a “definant toddler” thing or if i should worry. any advice would be great!

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Answer by Precious
My daughter is 3 and when she that age and was busy she didn’t answer me or some days she would just get everything wrong. The next day she would be correcting me and telling me without me even asking her. There’s no reason to worry.

Answer by Debbie G
Defiant toddler thing. One time of her not answering your questions means nothing. She probably just wasn’t in the mood and I can guarantee you you’re going to have many more of those days in your future.

Answer by Stephanie
Todlers sometimes will ignore your questions, and this is perfectly normal. I often ask my nephew things that he definately knows the answer to, but he’ll chose not to answer me. There’s no need to worry, she’s just becoming little miss independent!

Answer by PK211
Did she even look at you when you asked the question? If not she’s being a normal 2 year old. She’s not being defiant. She was so involved in what she was doing that you weren’t even there. She never “heard” you. You know what I mean? Next time you are having a one on one conversation with her (not when she is distracted by her farm) ask her. I bet she’ll answer you. Don’t worry about…as long as she’s using her other words. She’s just being 2.

Answer by Butterfly Lover
Sounds like she is just asserting herself a little after all she is at the terrible 2 stage. It could be worse, one of mine spent months saying almost nothing but NO.

Answer by MommyToType1Princess
Hi there. There is nothing wrong with your daughter. She was showing off her “selective hearing” skills to you. She was busy playing and just choosing not to listen to you. Kids will do this sometimes. As long as she is not regressing by not speaking every time you ask something or not talking at all, there is nothing to worry about. You will notice that sometimes the more she is involved with reading or playing, etc., the less aware she is of other things going on around her. Tomorrow she will most likely answer you if you asked. Good luck, don’t stress, and hope this helps!

Answer by toots
Since she didn’t answer you after numerous questions from you, she very well could have non-infectious fluid behind her eardrums in her middle ear. If she has allergies, this is the likely culprit.
27 month-old kids usually will respond after 2 or 3 tries by the asker.
Since decongestants are no longer recommended for kids her age, ask her straight out, while you have eye contact, if she hears you the same as before. If she says “no”, a trip to the pediatrician is in order.

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