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Posted in Toddlers on 13th July 2011

Toddler Shoes

The first years of a child’s life are characterized by growth and a need for the best choices in health. Part of this is what they wear every day, because their young bodies need the best protection that also allows for the continuous growing that happens in the first two to three years especially. This certainly applies to toddler shoes. Choosing the right footwear for toddlers is so important, because the bones in their feet need full support and room to grow to encourage healthy foot development.

There will be a need for toddler shoes for many reasons, even though the little ones aren’t walking 100% of the time. Protection for those young feet can come in many different ways. The seasons also dictate what will be needed in toddler shoes, and there are so many choices available for any climate and any temperature.

Fortunately, manufacturers of kids shoes understand this critical need. They also recognize the need to keep a sense of fashion in toddler shoes, while providing the best shoe at a good price. Robeez, Umi, and other manufacturers specialize in baby and infant footwear for any time of year or any occasion. Booties, sandals, leather dress shoes, and athletic style toddler shoes are available from makers of kids shoes.

Summer is the time for sandals, and there are many to choose from for toddler shoes. There are strapped sandals in all styles from many different makers of toddler shoes, including Primigi and Umi. See Kai Run has some adorable Mary Janes for the girls and moccasins and strap loafers for the boys. Athletic shoes are also a big seller for toddler shoes. Stride Rite, Umi, and Ecco make some fine athletic-style toddler shoes, some with laces and some with handy Velcro straps that make getting toddler shoes on and off so easy.

Of course, there will be those special occasions when toddler shoes need to be a little more dressy, and manufacturers of kids shoes address this issue with a wide selection of styles and colors. Primigi has many kinds of Mary Janes for the girls, in a variety of colors that will match any outfit. Ecco and Naturino offer some very stylish toddler shoes for boys. Even winter doesn’t have to deter a sense of fashion, as See Kai Run, Umi, and Primigi include many nice boots and leather shoes in their lines of toddler shoes.

There are so many manufacturers that make quality toddler shoes. This is very good news for parents and guardians who will have to provide their young ones with practical yet stylish footwear for many years and many reasons in the years to come. Aster, Baby Botte, Converse, DC Shoes, Jessica Simpson, L’Amour, Nine West, Skechers, and TrimFoot are just a few of the makers of toddler shoes who understand what parents and guardians are challenged with.

The young and formative years can be healthy ones when parents and guardians make smart choices in toddler shoes. Luckily, they have a lot of goodhelp in that department, and there are plenty of choices in age, style, color, and budget to make the job of choosing toddler shoes much easier.

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