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Posted in Toddlers on 31st December 2013

toddler “difficult” new schedule … what to do?
My 22 months old son has never been a really good sleeper, but he would wake up at around 5:45 or 6 in the morning. But in recent weeks, he decided in the morning that is 5 clock or even earlier on some days, like yesterday – it was 4:00 Uhr.Irgendwelche tips wake up how to get back to a “normal” him time Best Answer? (s):

Ang answer.
not let him nap past 2:00 when he naps. And trying to awake him as to keep lat as possible. Put him to bed when u go to bed.

Answer by Sara
simply make sure that it not be worth while to wake up. Do you think it is dark, do not let him play, other than to say, do not talk in the same bed with him and if he says that he give him water hunger or thirst. It might be difficult for a few nights, but he soon re-adjust.

or if he ever earlier it is either a temporary thing to say, it is significant that he needs less sleep. Less nap or to bed later. Or you could get, but that sounds awfully early.

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