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Posted in Toddlers on 3rd November 2010

To the parents of one year olds….?

My step-grandson will be turning one on October first.
We want to get him a special present for his birthday, but we are stumped, as I don’t have any kids, and his kids are all in their late teens, it’s been awhile since he has had to “toddler” shop, and I’ve never shopped for a toddler. There are millions of fun looking toys out there, but we’d like something fun, yet practical….

To you parent’s out there, can you give me any ideas?

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Answer by Jasmin
my sons birthday we bought him a buggy that he rides in and we push him, it has a handle to push him. he loves it, it also has a seat belt. its much better for them than a stroller they can pretend there driving, we got it at walmart for like 50 or 60 $

Answer by Ethel
1 year olds don’t need special, stick with the “B”s – balls, books, baby-dolls – of course a push toy is always well loved too.

Answer by jessieleigh
A Powerwheels. I bought my son a powerwheels quad last Christmas (he was 10 months old) and it’s STILL his favorite toy!

Answer by Brittni
My little boy turned one in July and my mom and stepdad got him a little stuffed chair from Pottery Barn…It looks like a living room chair, but it’s just his size and it’s green and he likes to sit in it in his play corner…I really like it because it’s not just another toy…He’s going to be getting so many toys for his birthday that the chair could be the perfect and different thing! Just an idea! 🙂

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