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Posted in Toddlers on 11th January 2011

Tips in Choosing the Best Toddler Toys For Your Precious One

As a child reaches the toddler years, he begins to learn new things. He becomes curious and starts to learn his “firsts”. Being a toddler is a crucial phase in a child’s life. This is a year of milestones for him. Thus, it is imperative that parents give their child only the best toddler toys to aid in his proper development.

Each child develops at a different pace. There are those who develop quicker and there are those whose development lag behind others. If you want your child to become an achiever and to shine above his peers, be sure to give him all the attention, support, and encouragement he deserves. Moreover, give him toddler toys which can help develop his aptitude.

What are the best toddler toys for your baby?

There are many kinds of toddler toys. Toy makers have developed toys for specific age groups. In buying a toy for your precious toddler, make sure that the toy is designed especially for children his age.

For the one-year old toddler, it is best to buy him toys which can be filled and emptied. Two- to six-piece puzzles are also good. These toddler toys help develop the child’s ability in forming mental images of things.

Other toys best for this age group are squeeze toys, colored balls, assorted sizes of unbreakable mirrors, toy trucks, and colored books with vibrant and colorful pictures. Toddler toys like these help improve the child’s grasping and releasing ability, develop self-discovery, enhance creativity and imagination, and develop his conceptual development. Furthermore, toys that are imitations of real gadgets such as toy POS machines and toy cellular phones cultivate a child’s problem-solving skill and social and language development.

For the two-year old toddler, toddler toys such as mini cassettes, toy phones, toy trucks, building blocks, books of rhymes, picture books, and toys which let them play and hear music are the best. At two years old, a child can already form mental images of things, actions, and concepts. Likewise, he can already grasp the concept of simple puzzles and shape-sorting toys. He also hums and tries to sing and enjoys looking at colorful books. Giving him such toys would help develop these abilities.

At three-years old, a child already has the ability to speak clearly. It is at this period that he begins to ask questions about anything and everything that catches his fancy. This is the best opportunity to develop his mental ability. Toddler toys that are best for this age group are coloring books, toy PC, alphabet puzzles, easel companion sets, latches board, doll houses, dolls, and furniture set. Building blocks can also aid in the mental development of a three-year old.

Toy stores offer a wide variety of toddler toys. Make sure that when you buy a toy for your toddler, you buy only those which are safe for your precious one. Do not just buy any toy whichcatches your fancy. Buy those which have passed quality assurance and are truly baby-friendly.

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