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Posted in Working Mothers on 1st November 2010

question of phuole : The foreign wife told me to “be a good mother!” Is she right?
I raised my 2 yo daughter from child care and get stopped at a nearby petrol stations, some gasoline. When I have finished I left the car windows half down, shut his car and went around the business to pay for gasoline. I do not have my daughter, because there are so many cars around and it’s going to be fast .. I paid cash for gasoline, and came in 2 minutes. I can see my car from inside and keep an eye on the car all the time. This woman from the next car saw me come out and start making comments about me leaving my daughter in the car. I was so angry when the bitch told me a good mother to sein.Ich am a good mother. I’ll take care good care of my child and I work fultime.Glauben you want your child left alone in a bad car for 2 minutes? One might think that is taking the child outside with all the cars around them as a safe or simply not put fuel in the car? I am working on shift with my husband and we take a look at our daughter … I hate those mothers who have so much time on their hands, walk, control over others and to judge other mothers. they should ask themselves how they would feel if other people talk to her so .. Why do I have to go back anyway? I took the key with me and shut the door, how can someone come and pick up my daughter .. ? Are you saying that you are never out of sight of your child Best Answer:

reply heathererandolph
Yes, it is not completely safe behavior. I do not think, you see the car all the time. Go back to the store?

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