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Posted in Babysitting on 19th March 2011

this question is for weed smokers only!?
so were passing in a circle nd sum dude josh says “no babysitting” ive heard that before, but what does it mean?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Splash Log
It means sh!t or get off the toilet. IE, pass it. No Bogart, don’ be a hog. Take your hit and give it to someone else.

Answer by Frail Child of Dust
It means nobody with kids is going to trust your strung out, pot smoking, confused @ss with their children.

Answer by Alex B. Red Hat Linux Revolution
Dude, like it, it uh…It means no uh, like, uh, no um…what was the question?

Answer by Manny
You don’t remember asking this before?

Answer by Yapoo!
You need to hit it already.

Answer by Wet Pants (W/ 30% More Moisture)
Don’t hold the weed as if it were under your protection. Puff puff pass.

Answer by HalFEateNJesuS
It probably means that no one wants to hire a pothead…

Answer by no one
i think it means you were holding onto the joint too long … it is considered rude to babysit :O)

Answer by David
That’s just another way of saying, “Jesus loves you, Bro!”

Answer by The Joker
Awwww, how cute! She’s bragging about smoking pot!!!! How adorable!!!!!!!!

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