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Posted in Babysitting on 27th November 2010

This is the plan for my daughters 2nd BDay, is it too much? (kind of long…but need opinions please)?
Last year for my daughters 1st B-Day I themed it as an “under the sea” (not little mermaid just under the sea in general) first b-day party. This year I want to do a “Madd Hatter: Tea for Two” party. I live in a historic resort town and there a few cute tea rooms. One being the “Butterfly Tea Room” It’s bright yellow outside and pretty and flowery inside. They do also have a childs tea as one of their general “options” so to speak. My daughter (not being a braggy mom her Dr.’s have tested her) is a bit advanced for her age, and thus has a much higher attention span and a much better ability to sit for loner periods of time. So my thought for her birthday is to have it at this particular tea room. First let me say that her birthday is in mid-July, the 17th to be exact. Last year her B-Day was at home in the back yard, it was supoer stinking hot and there were TONS of flys out. SO for me outside is not the place I want to have it, secondly there will be a 4YO girl, 2 almost 4 YO boys, 2-over 2YOs (1B and 1G), a girl almost 2, another boy 1 1/2, and then two babies under 9 months old. 4 of them are brother and sister (they are my Best friend and my daughters god-mother children), 2 of them are my daughters god-fathers kids, antoher 3 are her cousins whome we see all the time. All of the parents (or at least the mothers) will be attending the birthday, along with the grandmothers/fathers, great grandmothers/fathers and 2 older great cousins with their mom and dad. I would obviously be renting out the whole tea room. However to me the money spent to have it somewhere other then INSIDE my home is 100% worth the cost. But that isn’t the real question. I will be advising on the invites when they are eventaully made and sent, that we would prefer the children in “tea attire” just cute dresses and shoes, maybe a hat if they have a nicer one, and then khakis and a polo or something of the sort for the boys. Not like Easter best, but not crap play clothes either. Now I know my daughter and the 4 YO’s can sit through it as well as the older older kids, but my concern is with everyone elses kids. Although they do have “kids tea” parties there, I think they are generally a bit older girls, like 6-8YO. And this is a REAL tea room, not like some kids party room that they set up around different themes (which I totally wish we had around where I live; but we do not). Would you as a mother/father who was invited with your kids be annoyed in general about me haivng this type of birthday? I mean it would take effort from parents to actaully WATCH their kids; which I know SOO many moms/dads hate to do now adays. There will be coloring (tea party themed color pages), kid appropriate tea sandwhiches, as well as petite fores, a cake, and fruit. They are also being served a caffine free “iced tea” rather then actual tea. And they wouldnt be forced to like “sit” and have tea. I am also getting plastic tea cups that you can color with markers as a craft. And then goodie bags will be dress up jewlery and pretty containers of chapstick for the girls, and then just “boy” stuff for the boys? Also I am making coppies of alice and wonderland for everyone. And the decor will be somewhat alice and wonderlandish. Like making the deck of cards that “painted the roses red”, but with a place for kids to stand behind and have their pictures taken so they look like they are the cards ect…Good ideas/bad ideas?
Mixie-Your absolutely this party is the Idea of what I want for her party, because she’s 2 and although she’s smart, she doesnt have those kinds of opinions yet. But honestly I thank god that I can say that I am not worried about saving the money for another party in a few years ect. If every year for ever she wants a “mad hatter tea for ___YO” fine she can have it. My question is more, would you feel burderned having to actaully watch your children at a birthday party they are invited to, rather then just (even though they are young) totally expecting the Birthday childs parent to take care of them (as so many parents feel for some reason). I for one wouldnt mind this for me/my daughter is someone else did it, because I have a suprisingly well behaved 2 YO. And as much as I can cut out the extra kids and just make it for “family” what fun would that be?
Of course it will be videoed though, so even if she can’t actually remeber it…she can watch it for years to come!!! And also what else rhymes with TWO then?? Like last year her party invites said “your invited to Kamryn Marie’s, under the sea, first birthday party”. …see it rhymes…stupid but important to me, so what other type partioes rhyme with 2?
Thank you, ladies…that is the type of constructive feedback I was looking for…now if you have any ideas taht rhyme with “two” please let me know!

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Answer by Mixee
You want opinions so here it goes!

This tea party is really for you. Your daughter is only 2 and will not remember it. I would suggest that you wait until she is old enough to enjoy it…those are pretty young children that will be there too and THEY will not remember it either nor will they care about the atmosphere, etc….and I have a feeling it is going to be more than you bargained for. Plus if you are worried about the other parents having issues, you should really take that as a clue that this probably isn’t a good idea right now.

Have a home party at this age…save the money for later when your daughter and her friends will truly be able to enjoy and remember the experience! This party you are planning is really for YOUR memories…

Answer by babyjane564
I would still wait a year for that. She is really too young, despite her advanced attention span, to really have fun. If you wait until she is either 3 or 4, in my opinion the perfect age for dress up and tea-parties, you and she will have so much more fun and she will appreciate it more. I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old (she just turned 6 in December) and did the dress up tea party at 3 and it was a blast. They were much more involved and interactive.

Answer by Wiss
I don’t know. Just because your daughter is smart and well behaved doesn’t mean the others are, and I personally wouldn’t come to a party that was in a setting where my child was encouraged to be proper, what fun is that? Save the tea party until she is 4 or 6 and can really enjoy it and be into it. Two year olds are two year olds, no matter what. I think there are much better options. You have to think about all of the kids that will be there, not just you and your daughter, regardless of the fact that it is her day.

Answer by mykatesmom
Personally, I think that this party sounds more appropriate for the 4-6 year old group. I cannot imagine 1 1/2, 2 and 2 1/2 year olds sitting at this sort of party.

Answer by diane33michigan
I think this way to much for most of the kids on your list. It isn’t about the parents not wanting to watch thier kids but keeping the kids interset in something so adult like will be a issue. I would not bring my kids to a party where i felt that they would be more miserable then enjoying themselves.

I would maybe save this type of party for when she and her guest will be able to enjoy this a little better .

Answer by elynwyn
I’m happy your daughter is advanced for her age but… 2-4 year olds don’t do so well in nice attire with cake, the two things just don’t go well together. I don’t think parents really expect the birthday child’s parents to take care of all the kids, not at this age. However, we kinda expect the birthday thing to be fun and non-stressful. When I take my kids to a party I want them to come home exhausted from all the running and playing they did. Your party sounds lovely but all the activities are mild sit down activities and you are feeding them sugar. To me that would mean they would need to go to a park and run around for an hour or so in order to burn off that energy they couldn’t use at the party. In my experience, the best behaved children change when around lots of other kids. A tea party is cute, but I really think you should take the theme to a more relaxed atmosphere where the kids can run around and be kids too. Parents judge a party by how much fun their kid had, not the theme.

Answer by MomOfTwoGirlsand one on the way!
i would love this!! I think its special that you want to put in a lot of effort for your daughter…..you could buy unpainted tea cups and have them paint them to take home….or be presents for ur daughter for her very special tea set! i think thats a great idea! GOOD LUCK!

Answer by ladedamom
Personally for 2, advanced for her age or not, I wouldn’t do this with so many little one’s. While your child may be able to sit through it, I don’t know many 2 year olds and under, much less preschoolers, who will know how to behave or sit through something like this without chaos happening- parents there or not. It’s just that this seems a little too sophisticated for a toddler’s birthday party.

It’s an adorable theme, but I’m not sure your location is going to really work with toddlers. Could you have it at home and just do it indoors so you don’t have to worry about the bugs? You could also put up a large screened tent where it is solid on top, screened on the sides to keep bugs out and do it in the back yard with tea type munchies that are kid friendly. Better yet, get some plastic tea cups and serve icecream with a cup cake in each one for the guests. It’s a kids party after all!

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